Getting your carpet and upholstery cleaned? What to do before we come!

by Happy Clean

Many customers ask us how to prepare for our arrival so we made a list ...


Many customers ask us how to prepare for our arrival so we made a list below! Just to make things easier 🙂 As we are a professional company, we don’t ask you to do too much! However there are a few things you can help with!

  1. Lock up all pets. This should be done prior to our arrival for a number of reasons. First, it would be for their safety as the main door will be ajar. Secondly, you never know how your little friends may react when they see the agents cleaning. Keeping them away during the process will keep our agents safe. Last but not least, in order to permanently remove any pet odour, you should keep pets away from the sofa and carpet until they are fully dry.
  2. Pick up and remove any toys, dog beds, debris or furniture you want cleaned under. Finding loads of many small objects on your floor will just delay the cleaners. We have a time frame for each job and always try to be on time. We work around heavy furniture so please clear the rooms in advance if you want the carpet cleaned under the furniture.
  3. Make sure there is sufficient parking in the driveaway or in front of your home. As a professional company,we have big machines and a variety of products. Therefore we need parking space close to our job.
  4. Make sure there is access to water and electricity. We will need both water and electricity for the cleaning. If it’s possible to have access to hot water, it’s even better!
  5. For mattress cleaning, strip the bed before we arrive. If the beds are stripped when we get there, we can start doing our job!
  6. You don’t need to vacuum! Many companies would ask you to vacuum in advance but we don’t! We will vacuum your carpet and upholstery with a professional vacuum cleaner.

If you have any questions before our arrival, we are always happy to help! You can call us on 0892072082, send us a message or visit our Facebook page.

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