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Workplace Hygiene Tips


Amid the recent public safety fears, some people have opted to work from home. However, for retail workers, restaurant staff, bartenders, and pharmacists, the work day must continue for now. Many employees are wondering how they can keep their workplace safe and hygienic. While it’s important to follow the HSE regulations, here are some tips to keep your workplace clean!

Bleach solution

When you are mopping floors or cleaning tables, you should continue to use your regular cleaning solutions. If it is safe to use bleach on your surfaces, you can add bleach solution to your cleaning routine. Bleach is a powerful cleaning agent and can help sterilise your workplace.

Wipe Everything Down

When you are working with the public, any interaction can introduce germs to your workplace. Wipe down menus, card machines, and anything you can think of that may have regular contact with customers to reduce the spread of germs. Make sure everyone keeps clean cloths on hand and that your regular cleaning solution is available at each work station.

Deep Clean Regularly

Sure, you may already be deep cleaning your workplace, but how often? Once or twice a week, rather than once a week or month, would be helpful. It not only ensures bacteria and other germs are removed, but it gives you the peace of mind too!

It is important to note that while cleaning regularly can help to prevent the spread of a virus, anti-bacterial soaps do little to kill a virus off. It is better to clean often, and vigilantly, than to use expensive anti-bacterial products in your workplace. Making sure you, your colleagues, and customers alike all wash their hands and practice good hygeine can be helpful too. If you feel like your workplace needs an expert’s attention to detail for cleaning, now would be a good time to get a professional cleaner in. Get in touch for any questions about cleaning or if you want a quote!