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Why clean your mattress?

Can you clean your mattress?!? That’s a question we get more and more! And the answer is YES! And here’s why you should do that ASAP!

Most people value their sleep and so they invest in good quality mattresses. Yet some people do not realise that their mattress needs to be cleaned. Even if it doesn’t double in weight from dust every 10 years, they still need to be cleaned every so often. After all, you wash your sheets every week – why put new sheets on an old, dirty mattress? Here’s why you should clean your mattress regularly; twice  a year is ideal.

Sweat collecting while you sleep

Of course we’re all familiar with humid summer nights when we cannot sleep due to heat. But you sweat all year round, too. Sweating during sleep allows moisture to build up in your mattress. This moisture becomes a breeding ground for bacteria in your mattress. Cleaning helps to remove moisture and bacteria and allow for a better night’s sleep.

Dust and Skin Cell Build-Up

Dead skin cells and dust are other common problems that build up in your mattress over time. Your mattress won’t ‘double in weight’ but skin cells still let bacteria thrive. Regularly cleaning your mattress should help to bring this problem to a minimum.

Dust Mites and Allergens

Dust mites are sadly not an uncommon occurrence in many mattresses due to these sweat and dust build-ups. They may cause itching, headaches or lower quality of sleep. The dust itself is also a common allergen and can cause itching or sneezing. When you clean your mattress, you remove the causes of these harmful irritants and may be able to enjoy a more restful sleep.

Investing in a good-quality mattress is investing in your sleep. Cleaning these mattresses regularly can help you to avoid common irritants and enjoy an even better night’s sleep. With dust, sweat and mites gone, your mattress will last you for years to come without a problem.

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