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Which is the best sofa to buy?

Our customers often ask us which is the best sofa to buy. From our expertise, we can tell you which ones are easier to maintain and clean.

Also we can tell you which sofas you should never buy, unless you plan on changing it every couple of years.

Faux suede sofas

The faux suede or microfibre sofas are the easiest to maintain. Moreover, it is extremely soft to touch! Even though they may look grubby in time, they come up spotless after a professional cleaning. They come in different colours and bring elegance to the room. You can see how we clean faux suede sofas here.

Faux suede sofa


Corduroy sofas

The corduroy sofas look very cosy and soft! They are perfect for cuddling in after a long day. And they come up great after a proper cleaning! Even better, they are very affordable price wise! Here’s how we clean them!


upholstery cleaning before and after

Polyester sofas

As a general rule, polyester is bullet proof. So even if a polyester sofa gets very dirty, it can be easily cleaned. The chemicals we use on it can be a bit stronger as well as the fabric is very resistant!


upholstery cleaning

Cotton sofas

We’ve noticed that many customers have cotton sofas, or sofas with cotton covers. Most of them are from Ikea. Though it may seem like a good buy price wise, unfortunately it is not. Most cotton sofa upholstery is not colorfast and in the fine print of the care info you’ll usually see it’s not guaranteed in any way against stains or from mishaps from trying to clean stains. It’s very common that even PLAIN WATER can leave an obvious stain!


Cotton sofa


Viscose or rayon sofas

As professional sofa cleaners, we can say one thing about viscose or rayon sofas: WE HATE THEM! They are extremely delicate to clean and water can damage them! Plus, the stains on them usually turn out to be permanent. They need dry cleaning only which is very expensive and not as effective. If they are wet cleaned, only a professional can do it and only after an extensive training. Although many of the fancier brands sell them, we would strongly advise against them. The viscose sofas are very popular, especially the Laura Ashley ones. But unless you plan on changing your suite of furniture every couple of years we wouldn’t advise going for a viscose or rayon sofa!

Velvet sofa

No matter what type of sofa you choose time buy, we always recommend applying a protector coat on it. One piece of advice we can give you, get it protected after you buy it. We charge half the price you would pay with the big furniture shops and it’s the same product!

So if you need a quote either for applying a protective coat or for getting a sofa cleaned, don’t hesitate to get in touch. Our customer service team is available 24/7 to answer all your queries!