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Upholstery, Sofa & Armchairs Cleaning Dublin

Need to clean your sofa, armchair, or any other type of upholstery?

We have the best team who can professionally clean your upholstery, no matter what material is made of. Your sofa or chairs are in capable hands. This service is available in Dublin and other areas near it. You can also check our ratings on Google and Facebook.

Floor professionaly cleanedFloor professionaly cleaned with high quality products and detergents.Floor professionaly cleaned with high quality products and detergents.Floor professionaly cleanedFloor professionaly cleaned with high quality products and detergents.Floor professionaly cleanedUpholstery Cleaning

Our upholstery cleaning service is one of the most delicate cleaning procedures. It requires extensive experience and knowledge of the field. Every fabric requires a specific cleaning solution and method, and all our upholstery cleaners know how to avoid watermarks, creasing, or colour bleeding. We are experts in the field!

Caring for upholsteryWe care about your upholstery by using non-toxic or degradating productsUpholstery Care

No matter how hard you try to prevent it, your furniture will get dirty over time. Aside from spills, simply sitting on the suite will leave residues of dust, sweat, and oil from hair and hands. As a result, the furniture will become sticky and it will attract dirt. We like to extend the life of your upholstery with our special fabric care & eco-friendly detergents.

New or Professionally Cleaned Upholstery?

Do you think it’s time you buy a new sofa just because the one you have looks grubby? Ask us for a second opinion, we promise to give you an honest expectation! Our upholstery cleaning service can get superb results for your sofa/couch/armchair/other, and you’ll save money, plus keep your favourite item with extended life. Moreover, we can show you photos of similar sofas or other upholstery so you can get an idea of the outcome. We know which fabrics clean up well and which ones retain the stains. We can also give you advice before buying a sofa so you can get one that’s easy to maintain and clean.

Cleaned sofa and its upholstery

Whether it’s in your home or your workplace, we can come and clean it for you (in Dublin and a lot of the locations in Ireland). All our technicians are trained to the highest standards and use professional equipment and detergents while carrying out all upholstery cleaning jobs.

Most importantly, our processes are safe for your kids, pets, and entire family’s health.

In time, we have seen many suites destroyed by people who cleaned them themselves. Or even worse, who hired an amateur to do the job, just because the price was cheaper. Are we the cheapest sofa cleaners in Dublin? Definitely not! But our prices reflect the quality of our work and thousands of testimonials stand behind that.

More reasons to consider a professional cleaning


There are multiple benefits for cleaning your upholstery, but the main reasons are for your health and to extend their life.  In time, couches accumulate a lot of dust, bacteria, liquids from spills and skin flakes.

Even though a sofa looks clean, it doesn’t actually mean that it is. We recommend professional upholstery cleaning at least once per year, maybe twice in houses with many occupants and a lot of traffic.

Money Savings

The difference between buying a new sofa or cleaning the old upholstery is enormous.

Purchasing a new sofa requires very high expenses, time to find the perfect store, product deliverability, and a lot more downsides.

If you simply choose to clean your upholstery, you’ll avoid all those negative features.

Looks & Health

All the dust that is accumulated on the sofa will lead to wear and tear signs in time. This way, the beautiful furniture that you spent a lot of money on will become dull looking in a short period of time.

Moreover, all the allergens in the fabric can lead to health issues. Professionally cleaning the sofa’s upholstery will renew the design and kill the allergens or bacteria formed on it.

Upholstery Cleaning Team. Dublin's Finest

Finest Upholstery Cleaning Team in Dublin

We are proud of the achievements that our team has made over time. With thousands of 5-star reviews from our customers, we move forward with high-quality services by training our staff non-stop about new products and machines, theoretical and practical knowledge of the industry, and the dos and don’ts regarding the cleaning of each fabric or material we encounter.

Our excellent reputation in the carpet and upholstery cleaning business has attracted a large number of new clients, and most of them have been recommended by our happy customers.

We truly have Dublin’s finest upholstery cleaning team. This goes also for our other services (such as carpet cleaning Dublin) and locations.


Professional Sofa & Upholstery Cleaning in Dublin
Professional Sofa & Upholstery Cleaning in Dublin

Fabric and leather suites bring elegance and improve the looks of your living room. You probably made an effort to buy your expensive sofas and spent hours searching for the right one. As time goes on, the suite becomes your dog’s favorite place and the main dining place for your kids. So now it looks dull and dirty… Many people think they need to buy a new sofa or couch as the old one would never look as good as new again. But this is not the case! It’s amazing what professional upholstery cleaning can do for your furniture! Although you can try cleaning it yourself, it is unlikely that you have the expertise and the tools, so here are some benefits to have professionals cleaning your upholstery!



We mean it when we say you will be amazed by the results! As well as removing spots and stains, your furniture will gleam like it did after you bought it. When you clean the upholstery of your sofas and chairs on a regular basis, it will help retain their original colour. This is one of the major benefits of upholstery cleaning and our clients trust us to make it happen.



The fabric absorbs odours, that’s a fact. So anything that sat on your sofa from people to pets or food, is likely to have left a smell behind, not to mention the odour of the sofas in a smoking house! Besides the professional upholstery cleaning, our team uses deodorizers to “restart” the smells into a fresh and clean fragrance!



Dust can make your fabric suite look dull and thin. Dust particles have sharp edges that scratch the fibres of the upholstery. Also, if you don’t clean and hydrate your leather suit on a regular basis, it will present signs of ageing much quicker. Cleaning your upholstery on a regular basis will ensure a long life for your sofa and other furniture. Moreover, the Happy Clean team will use eco-friendly detergents and high-quality products for better care.


Removes allergens

In addition to the above benefits, professional cleaning of your furniture will provide a healthier, happier home. Our powerful equipment and detergents will remove allergens such as dust mites, pet dander, soil, and dust, which can cause allergies and trigger respiratory problems.



There are tons of other benefits for cleaning your upholstery. One thing is for sure though, there is no good reason not to take into consideration the professional cleaning.

The Video below is filmed in Dublin during a thorough cleaning

Sofa expert cleaning
Sofa expert cleaning

Sofa’s Upholstery Cleaning Dublin

Have you a sofa, chair, or any other upholstery that you need to be professionally cleaned? We are the most perfectionist, professional, and skilled team of cleaners from Dublin. Our price isn’t the cheapest but reflects our work and devotion to cleaning.

Meet our service for sofa upholstery cleaning in Dublin, look for our ratings if you do not believe us, and make your own opinion. We are Happy Clean, glad to meet you!

Sofa Upholstery Cleaning
Sofa Upholstery Cleaning

Our most appreciated upholstery services in Dublin (among others)

As some services are needed the most for commercial cleaning in Dublin, here you’ll find what other businesses (like yours) asked the most. Remember though, we do any type of commercial upholstery cleaning, not only what you’ll see below.

Leather Sofa Cleaning

Leather is a special material for sofas, therefore we are very careful when we clean it. The leather must be cleaned and then waxed to ensure a longer leather life. Leather cleaning can be a challenging job, but not for us, as we are fully trained and we use the best products on the market!

Corner Sofa Cleaning

The majority of our customers have at least one corner sofa in their homes. They save space and offer a common get-together space for the family. We specialise in cleaning any type of corner sofa, leather or fabric.

A Suite of Furniture Cleaning

One, two, three, or an entire suite of furniture to clean? No problem for us! Our team is trained to deal with a lot of furniture at once. Whether you’re in Dublin or in a county nearby, we can deal with all types of jobs, no matter how big or small.

Microsuede, Corduroy, or Polyester Sofa

Our clients have different types of sofas, and they must be cleaned with different products. There is no sofa we haven’t cleaned before. Choosing the right products to use is an extremely important step. Without proper training, your sofas can be easily permanently damaged by an amateur. Our specially trained team will do their best to make your sofa look spotless.

Chair or Armchair Cleaning

Most of the furniture gets high traffic, but the most used are chairs and armchairs. We clean them very thoroughly, making our service one of the most wanted in Dublin. In particular, we have a lot of expertise in cleaning the popular IKEA single chairs with footstools, that come in green, gray, pink, and yellow.