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Upholstery Cleaning


Our upholstery cleaning service is  one of the most delicate cleaning procedures. It requires extensive experience and knowledge of the field. Every fabric requires a specific cleaning solution and method, and all our upholstery cleaners know how to avoid water marks, creasing or colour bleeding.

No matter how hard you try to prevent it, your furniture will get dirty over time. Aside from spills, simply sitting on the suite will leave residues of dust, sweat and oil from hair and hands. As a result, the furniture will become sticky and it will attract dirt.

Do you think it’s time you bought a new suite just because the one you have looks grubby? Ask us for a second opinion. We promise to give you an honest expectation! our upholstery cleaning service can get results  Moreover, we can show you photos of similar sofas so you can get an idea of the outcome. We know which fabrics clean up well and which ones retain the stains. We can also give you advice before buying a sofa so you can get one that’s easy to maintain and clean.

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Why choose us for your upholstery cleaning needs?

Whether it’s in your home or your work place, we come and clean it for you. All our technicians are trained to the highest standards. We only use professional equipment and detergents while carrying out all upholstery cleaning  jobs.

Most importantly, our processes are safe for your kids, pets and entire family’s health.

In time, we have seen many suited destroyed by people who cleaned them themselves. Or even worse, who hired an amateur to do the job, just because the price was cheaper. Are we the cheapest sofa cleaners? Definitely not! But our prices reflect the quality of our work and thousands of testimonials stand behind that.

Great service. Communication was excellent, very quick response to emails and a courtesy call afterwards. We had our sofa’s cleaned and they came up great. Would happily use the service again and recommend to others. – Laura McDonald


There are multiple benefits for cleaning your sofas, but main reasons are for your health and to extend their life.  In time, couches accumulate a lot of dust, bacteria, liquids from spills and skin flakes. Even though a sofa looks clean, it doesn’t actually mean that it’s clean. We recommend professional sofa cleaning at least once per year, maybe twice in houses with many occupants and a lot of traffic.

All the dust that is accumulated on the sofa will lead to wear and tear signs in time. This way, your beautiful furniture that you spent a lot of money on, will become dull looking in a short period of time. Vacuuming the sofas once a week is a very good idea if you want to keep them clean but when you need a professional upholstery cleaning service we are here to help.

Moreover, all the allergens in the fabric can lead to health issues. So, in order to keep yourself and your family, we recommend an annual sofa cleaning.

Are you in need for an upholstery cleaning service that will exceed all your expectations? Book here or call 0892072082 for a free quotation from one of our friendly customer service team. Follow us on Facebook and Youtube for the latest offers.


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    I’d like a quote to clean a 2 seater sofa and the fabric square of six chairs please.

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