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Professional sofa cleaning – how often do you need it done?

Professional sofa  cleaning is a service more and more people ask for. You may have the habit of cleaning your carpets regularly, but how often do you clean your sofas?

Here are some reasons to have your upholstery cleaned regularly:

  1. Allergens, dust and  dirt build up on your furniture and if it’s not a very light colour you may not even notice. This type of dirt may be very detrimental to your health.
  2. Liquid spills may soak down into your upholstery and make it look dull over time. Also they may cause your sofa smell fishy.
  3.  Extend the life of your furniture by cleaning it regularly. It is important to maintain the quality and to avoid replacing your furniture very often. Also if you  like to sell your furniture in the future, you’ll get the best value for the reason that it has been cared for.

For a clean and healthy home, clean your sofas every 6-8 months. We also recommend applying  the stain protector to keep your sofas safe from spills and stains.

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