Tips for choosing the best carpet cleaning company

There are many reasons why you might be looking for a carpet cleaning company. Whether an accident occurred and your beautiful living room rug has a “not so beautiful” stain on it, or your furry friend “forgot” to wipe its pawns after the walk, or you simply want your carpets clean and refreshed, a professional carpet cleaner will do the job for you.

If you think that having your flooring cleaned on regular basis will help you with your allergies or breathing difficulties, then you are right. When done properly, professional carpet cleaning removes all the build-up of dirt from deep within the fibres, along with all the bacteria, allergens and dust mites trapped inside. This will considerably improve the indoor air quality, which means you and your family will breathe easier.  If you are struggling with watery eyes, sneezing or itchy skin, you should consider, along with the carpet, having your sofas and mattress cleaned.

Once you have decided it’s time to call in the professional carpet cleaners, the only thing left to do is to select “the right” cleaning company. With a simple search on the internet you will realise that there are so many options available on the market, that choosing one is quite difficult. With claims of ‘we are the best’, ‘we give better value for money’, ‘we can do it cheaper’ who do you select to do the job?

While there is no “perfect carpet cleaning company”, depending on your needs, one might be better than the other. With a bit of research, there are many things you could learn about a business, to help you make an informed decision. Read our list below, to find out what aspect to pay attention to, when hiring a carpet cleaner.



A carpet cleaning company’s reputation is a very relevant indicator of the type of work they provide you with. A good reputation means they are reliable, credible, trustworthy and responsible to both their customers and employees. Reputation is an intangible asset and a source of competitive advantage over rivals, because it shows what customers, partners or other people think and feel about the business. It exists both online and offline, in loyal customers and in total strangers.

Why a good reputation gives you great piece of mind?

  • Trustworthiness – trust is something that should definitely exist between you and the carpet cleaning company that you wish to hire. You should trust them not only to do a good job, but also to allow them in your house. A reputable business knows that trust is not commanded, but earned with each and every customer. Therefore, being consistent in offering the same great quality carpet cleaning service is mandatory.
  • Value for money – we all know the “you get what you pay for” saying. Well, that’s not always true. In terms of carpet cleaning prices, there are many options you could choose from. Some are expensive, some are more budget friendly, and some are really cheap. As tempting as a low price might be, you should consider all the aspects before taking such an offer, so you don’t end up paying twice for a job that could’ve been done properly in the first place. In the end, all you should be asking for is “value for money”, and a cleaning company that cares for its reputation, will offer you that.
  • Good customer experience – a good customer experience starts with the first call/ email/social media message, continues with an excellent service, and ends up with a “Thank you for your business!” text or call. A good reputation means that the carpet cleaning business that you choose to contact, will be there to assist you with whatever questions you might have.
  • No surprises in “small print” – vision, mission and other important information are to be communicated in a professional, consistent and concise manner. This applies to company’s website, social media accounts, as well as brochures or formal business letters. Quoted prices, special offers or loyalty programs should always be honoured as per company’s terms and conditions.
  • Be of service to the community – a reputable business will always show support to the local community, by donating funds to a charity or participating to different events.

Online presence

online presence

In close connection with reputation, online presence is extremely important, sometimes vital, for a business, no matter its area of expertise. For you as a customer looking for a product or service, in this case a carpet cleaning company, is very helpful to be able to find all the information online. A good website should give you access to all the products and services, prices or working hours, in an efficient manner with minimum effort. Nothing should take too long to load, and nothing should be difficult to find.

One of the greatest advantages, for you as a potential customer of a professional cleaning services provider with a substantial digital presence, is that this is a communication channel that works both ways. In other words, you will be able to simultaneously check what the company wants to share with its audience, and also what people say about it and what was their experience with the brand. The beauty of having a website, blog, and social media accounts is that they enable reviews and comments about a companies’ products or services. Reviews could come in any format, and on any platform people want to talk about the business you are interested in.

Why is that important? Just think how many times you decide to buy/ or not a product based on a Google search? Or how many times you picked a hotel or restaurant, based on their reviews. Or how many times you picked a service over another just because it looked more “reliable” on the Internet. That’s how powerful an online presence is for a business.

And things are no different when it comes to carpet cleaning companies. There are so many options on the market, that picking one is not as easy as you might thing. Our advice is, to make a short list of two or three names, based on your needs, budget and time frames that work best for you, and then make your choice based on their reviews. If you are looking for the best rated carpet cleaning in Dublin, then Happy Clean is the answer. With hundreds of 5 star reviews, Happy Clean offers cleaning services like no other.

Another advantage of choosing a carpet cleaning company with a good online presence, is that the business is more accessible and you can connect with it in a more personal manner. Plus, being able to see photos and videos of their work gives you a bit of an idea of what to expect.

A substantial online presence is important for both the business and the customers, as it helps the first to build a successful brand and increase its credibility, and as for the latter helps them make an informed decision.

Training and experience

training and experience

Why is it important for carpet cleaning companies to have their agents professionally trained? Because without any formal training on what chemicals to use and how to carry out specific cleaning tasks on different types of carpets, they might damage or even completely ruin your flooring. You would be amazed of how many people believe that carpet cleaning is an easy job, and that they could actually set up a business using a cheap commercial carpet cleaning machine and watching a few videos on the Internet. So to be on the safe side, don’t be afraid to ask your cleaning service provider about its certifications, as well as any additional training courses that would keep the agents up to date with the latest developments in the industry.

In today’s competitive work environment, continuous learning sets a business apart from its competitors. Trainings help agents to acquire new skills and sharpen the existing ones, which means better performance and increased productivity. How is that helpful to you, as a customer? First, it gives you great piece of mind to know that your carpets will be cleaned by specialists, and second, it guarantees you that the job will be done in an efficient and safe manner.

Another important thing for you to remember is to check their experience, as you don’t want a novice to ruin your rugs. If you can’t decide between two carpet cleaners, probably the better choice is to stick with the veteran company. Experience means knowledge and skills, which have been gained by doing the same activity for a long time.

Continuous learning combined with real experience in the field, are the winning formula for success. 

Insurance, licence and a solid guarantee

It is best to hire a carpet cleaning company that has insurance and licences. This paper work means that the staff had background checks and in case of any damages to your property, the company will cover the cost of fixing/ replacing it. Businesses that provide you with a solid guarantee are the most trustworthy. This proves commitment to all of their customers and reliability. 

Cleaning products and machines

When it comes to carpet cleaning, having the right tools, detergents and techniques make the difference between great results and a job poorly done. More than that, not using the correct chemicals or cleaning methods for each type of carpet, could cause serious damage.

If you are concerned about chemical exposure, look for a cleaning company that uses green certified and non-toxic solutions. These are less harsh, more environmentally friendly and safe for your family and pets.

Equally important as the quality of the cleaning solutions, are the machines and the method of cleaning. Your carpets should not be left soaking wet, as there is a high risk of growing mould, mildew and bacteria. If your flooring is still wet one day after the cleaning, most probably it will develop a musty smell and it’s not safe for your health. Make sure you check the average drying time with your carpet cleaner. Even if you chose to have your carpets cleaned using the water extraction method, it should not take more than 8 hours to fully dry. If you want to find out more about different methods of carpet cleaning, you can read our next article.

Method of cleaning

method of cleaning

You might not be familiar with different carpet cleaning techniques, however, a bit of research could save you time and money. Plus, you will learn which are the right questions to ask your carpet cleaner, as well as which are the correct answers you should receive.

The decision on which carpet cleaning method you want, should be taken based on your needs. While there is no “one fits all” option, one might be more suitable for you and your family than another. For example, if your carpets are heavily soiled and with many stains, the water extraction method will be extremely effective in removing the build-up of dirt.  It is one of the methods that allows the cleaning technicians to use a wide array of stain treatments, so no need to worry about that either. Along with all the dust and dirt, this type of carpet cleaning guarantees the complete removal of allergens and bacteria. Therefore, if you’re struggling with allergies, breathing difficulties, detergent sensitivity, or you have a furry friend, this the best option for you.   

If your carpets are not very dirty or matted down, and you are only looking to freshen them up, you can choose between bonnet or foam cleaning. These methods are more affordable, the cleaning process is quick and your flooring will be ready for foot traffic in no time (usually dry in 30min.). However, these types of carpet cleaning are not very effective or suitable for homes with kids or pets, as they only offer surface cleaning. They are more popular for commercial properties, such as restaurants, hotels or busy work environments.

Another aspect to consider before deciding on which cleaning method to choose for your carpets, is the type of fabric. If you would like your rugs to be deep cleaned, just check the labels to make sure they are suitable for wet cleaning. Otherwise, there is always the option of dry cleaning, which can be used on all types of carpet, including silk and oriental rugs.

List of services


A reputable carpet cleaning company should offer an extended list of services, which are available for both residential and commercial customers. Along with carpet cleaning, upholstery, mattress or hard floor cleaning might be available, as well as other cleaning solutions.

Offering more than one service, comes in handy for you, should you decide to have that grubby old looking sofa cleaned along with your carpets, or to sanitise your mattress. Who knows? Maybe you will even get a better deal, for cleaning more than one item.

For commercial customers, choosing a business that covers all aspects of cleaning, takes away the hassle of dealing with more than one company. You won’t have to spend hours on the phone or sending emails to find out prices and availability. Your cleaning service provider should offer you customised packages, combo deals and flexible working hours.



Pricing is important to many people when deciding to have their carpets cleaned. There are options available on the market that could match any budget, however, you shouldn’t make your mind based only on the price. All the other aspects listed above should be considered, otherwise you might be ending up paying twice for a service that could’ve been done properly in the first place. Don’t be afraid to ask your carpet cleaner for a price breakdown and also inform him that you have received lower offers. This way you give the company the opportunity to justify its quote, as the price should always be reflected in the quality of work, and gives you a better understanding of the entire cleaning process.  A trustworthy carpet cleaning business will be able to offer you an honest and reasonable answer to this question. A higher price might mean professional cleaning products, more experience and knowledge in the field, a more efficient method of cleaning, and obviously better results.  However, an expensive cost doesn’t always guarantees you an amazing service, as well as a lower one doesn’t necessary mean a job poorly done. It is important to choose a company that in the end, offers you “value for money”.

Ask for recommendations

Word of mouth is the best and safest way to find a good carpet cleaner. If your friends or family members have used this service before, ask them to share their experience with you. This way you will find out more about what should you be looking for and if the cleaning company they’ve hired is suitable for you. Social media word of mouth is also a good place to look.

Choosing a cleaning company can be tough, but once the choice is made, it will be well worth it.