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Fabric and leather suites bring elegance and improve the looks of your living room. You probably made an effort to buy your expensive sofas and spent hours searching for the right one. As time has gone on, the suite became your dog’s favourite place and the main dining place for your kids. So now it looks dull and dirty… Many people think they need to buy a new suite as the old one would never look as good as new again. But this is not the case! It’s amazing what professional upholstery cleaning can do for your furniture! Although you could try to clean it yourself it is unlikely that you have the expertise and the tools, so here are some benefits to have professionals cleaning your upholstery!



We mean it when we say you will be amazed by the results! As well as removing spots and stains, your furniture will gleam like it did after you bought it. When you clean your sofas and chairs on a regular basis, it will help retain their original colour. All our customers cannot believe how dirty the water that comes out of their sofas is! Have a look yourself at the video below!



Fabric absorbs odours, that’s a fact. So anything that sat on your sofa form people to pets to food, is likely to have left a smell behind. Not to mention the smell of the sofas in a smoking house! As well as cleaning your sofa, we’ll use deodorisers so your sofa smells fresh and clean!



Dust can make your fabric suite look dull and thin. Dust particles have sharp edges which scratch the fibres of upholstery. Also, if you don’t clean and hydrate your leather suite on a regular basis, it will present signs of ageing much quicker. You can see in the video below how we cleaned an old white leather suite and OMG! The difference in how the leather looks after the cleaning!



In addition to the above benefits, a professional cleaning of your furniture will provide you with a healthier happier home. Our powerful equipment and detergents will remove allergens such as dust mites, pet dander, soil and dust which can cause allergies and trigger respiratory problems.


If your upholstery is making you feel embarrassed when you have people over or if you simply want to look after your expensive sofas, call Happy Clean on 089207208 or simply send us an email . We are happy to give you a free estimate and set a day that is convenient for you.

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