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Natural stone carpet cleaning

How to clean natural stone carpet




What is natural stone carpet?

Stone Carpet is a polyurethane resin floor utilising a mix of natural and synthetic aggregates, bound in a clear resin providing a highly decorative and versatile resin floor finish for showrooms, offices, swimming pools surrounds as well as in the home.

It has an open structured surface which contains countless pores filled with air. This creates the effect of a pleasantly warm and soft sensation similar to a carpet but with resistance to wear similar to ceramic tiles.  Lately, this kind of flooring has become more and more popular in people’s homes, giving a really elegant look to the rooms.

stone carpet cleaning

Professional cleaning for stone carpet

At Happy Clean, we are trained for cleaning natural stone carpet. Our prices are affordable and our results are amazing. We only use professional equipment and chemicals, and always make sure we carry on a great job. Thanks to our expertise, we know how to deal with the most stubborn dirt and stains on the floor. Our outstanding reviews from happy customers only come to emphasise the quality of our work.

Most of our customers are pet owners and they just want to get rid of all the hair and smell. As we use very powerful machines and only professional products, we can definitely help with that!

natural stone carpet

Why choose us?

  • Professionally trained and insured
  • Affordable and reliable
  • Best result guaranteed
  • Over 1000 5 star reviews from happy customers
  • Expertise in floor cleaning

natural stone carpet

Did you see our other services? We can also clean carpet, furniture and mattresses! Our technicians will be happy to help you have  spotless home in no time. You can be one of our happy customers, too!

We can clean your stone carpet, make sure you get in touch! You can find us on Facebook, Youtube and Instagram! Check out our gallery for more photos and videos!



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