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Rugs play a vital role in decorating your home interior. For rug cleaning, Happy Clean is the best solution. We are fully trained for wet cleaning or dry cleaning any type of rug, using the suitable methods.

When a rug is not cleaned, it collects, dust, dander, and grime. Along with that come dust mites and other damage-causing insects. The area rug not only becomes a source of poor air quality in the room, but the rug itself can begin to breakdown.

Some rugs can be very sensitive for cleaning and that’s why we always pre-test the rugs before actually cleaning them. Our technicians will assess the type of fibres, risks like the shrinkage or dye bleed. After that, we can decide on the best system and method of rug cleaning.  This way we reduce the risks to minimum and maximise the results.

The rug cleaning is carried out your premises, by our qualified cleaners. Firstly we need to see the rug in order to give you an accurate quotation. Secondly, we clean it and lastly we inspect it and make sure the job reaches our standards.

Our rug cleaning service includes

  • Stain removal
  • Odour removal
  • Pet hair removal
  • Pet urine cleaning
  • Dust and dander cleaning

After the a rug cleaning service, we recommend applying protection to the rug. Happy Clean offers an advanced, superior defence against spills and soiling. This service lowers the absorbency, minimises permanent stains, and improves vacuuming efficiency. The stain protector is non-toxic and safe to use in homes with pets and children.

As for all our other services, we promise to go the extra mile and exceed all your expectations. Our customer service is available 24/7 to answer all your questions and make appointments.

Which are the best rugs to buy?

There are different types of rugs, based on their material and some are easier to maintain than others. We tell you all about them below and our recommendations!

1. Wool rug cleaning

Wool is the most widely used material when talking about rugs and carpets. That’s why you can find many different options in the market. It is a sustainable material that can last decades if maintained correctly. They’re not washable but you can treat spot stains. This material absorbs humidity so avoid placing a wool rug on damp areas. They can also suffer from colour fading and shedding of the wool. Unfortunately, wool rugs retain stains and they’re not so easy to clean, so they wouldn’t be our first option if you have pets or small children.

2. Cotton rug cleaning

Cotton rugs are typically braided or flat weave, and they are a softer alternative to jute or sisal rugs. They are fairly durable and are often machine-washable. Cotton rugs are less expensive than wool rugs and have a more casual look. This makes them a good choice for busy families on a budget. They are not very easy to clean and they retain stains, so again not the best option for families with small children and pets.

3. Jute, Sisal and Seagrass rug cleaning

They are low cost and have medium durability. But aren’t easily washable, so you should avoid contact with water! They can only be dried clean, so you should call a professional when they get grubby. Also don’t let them get too dirty before cleaning as the dry cleaning is not as effective as the wet cleaning unfortunately.

4. Silk rug cleaning

This type of rug material will give a luxurious look to your home. But when looking for a good quality-price rug, this isn’t what you’re looking for. They are incredibly difficult to clean and maintain and not very durable either. We call them single use rugs, as once they get stained they are very hard to clean and most times not with best results.

5. Viscose rug cleaning

A viscose rug may have you wondering whether it’s your family pet or the rug that is shedding. Because the rayon fibers in viscose rugs are weak, they tend to bend and break frequently from regular foot traffic. In wool rugs, the fibers can be bent up to 10,000 times before they break; silk fibers can be bent up to 2,000 times before breakage occurs; and rayon comes in at an unbelievable 70 times before your rug begins to “shed” and show wear-and-tear. These rugs should be cleaned with the least amount of water possible, as water-based cleaning can cause the dyes to migrate throughout the rug, making them look worse after they’re cleaned.  Viscose rug cleaning is tricky and if it’s is cleaned with the wrong chemicals or exposed to a high temperature, the fibres can actually disintegrate. Dry-cleaning is a viable option but doesn’t effectively remove all types of soiling. From our perspective, viscose rugs are a NO-NO!

6. Nylon and Polypropylene rug cleaning

They are widely known for their extreme durability. They look very similar to wool rugs and are much more affordable! For a very low price, you get a long-lasting, water-resistant, and easy to clean rug. They are also strong enough to be placed outside! We call them bullet proof and we definitely recommend them to everyone! They come in a variety of colours and patterns and you can have them for a very long time if you clean them regularly!


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