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Rug cleaning


Rugs play a vital role in decorating your home interior. For rug cleaning, Happy Clean is the best solution. We are fully trained for wet cleaning or dry cleaning any type of rug, using the suitable methods.

When a rug is not cleaned, it collects, dust, dander, and grime. Along with that come dust mites and other damage-causing insects. The area rug not only becomes a source of poor air quality in the room, but the rug itself can begin to breakdown.

Some rugs can be very sensitive for cleaning and that’s why we always pre-test the rugs before actually cleaning them. Our technicians will assess the type of fibers, risks like the shrinkage or dye bleed. After that, we can decide on the best system and method to clean the rug.  This way we reduce the risks to minimum and maximize the results.

The cleaning is made in your premises, by our qualified technicians. Firstly we need to see the rug in order to give you an accurate quotation. Secondly, we clean it and lastly we inspect it and make sure the job reaches our standards.

Our cleaning includes

  • Stain removal
  • Odour removal
  • Pet hair removal
  • Pet urine cleaning
  • Dust and dander cleaning

After the cleaning, we recommend applying protection to the rug. Happy Clean offers an advanced, superior defense against spills and soiling. This service lowers the absorbency, minimizes permanent stains, and improves vacuuming efficiency. The stain protector is non-toxic and safe to use in homes with pets and children.

As for all our other services, we promise to go the extra mile and exceed all your expectations. Our customer service is available 24/7 to answer all your questions and make appointments.

Do you need a reliable rug cleaning company? Book here or call 0892072089 for a free quotation from one of our friendly customer service advisers! Follow us on Facebook and Instagram for the latest photos and videos.