Power Washing Dublin

Happy Clean provides hot water pressure washer cleaning services in Dublin, Meath, Kildare, Laois, Louth, Offaly, and Wicklow. Whether you need a power wash of your patio, driveway, gutter, or oil stain removal, we can clean it. We use high-quality equipment and products to ensure 100% client satisfaction and a job well done.

Professional Power Washing in Dublin
Professional Power Washing in Dublin

Residential Power Washing in Dublin

By regularly power washing, you can prolong the lifespan of property and paint job, as well as minimize potential hazards, reduce the risk of allergies, and improve the overall aesthetic.
Residential power washing is one of the most effective and environmentally friendly ways to clean your home, industry, or commercial environment.

Pressure cleaning works by using a stream of high-pressure water to remove excess dirt particles from a surface. In particular, a jet wash can remediate slippery surfaces by removing mud, grime, and stains, it also removes bacteria, mould, and moss, which may sneak onto your patio, paving, concrete pavers, driveway, deck, or outdoors. Therefore, residential power washing is the best option for a cleaner, healthy life.

Residential Power Washing in Dublin
Residential Power Washing in Dublin

Graffiti Removal ServicesOur power washing service offers the best graffiti removal in Dublin and nearby areasGraffiti Removal

If your property has been affected by graffiti or vandalism, our team can respond quickly to clean the surface. We are able to remove graffiti from timber, wood, steel and aluminium, glass, painted surfaces, reflective road signs and plastics, concrete, sandstone, brick, and masonry.

By using the pressure washing method, we can quickly return your vandalized walls to their prior state. Graffiti and vandalism of commercial premises are not only damaging to the physical looks of a building, but they can also be really damaging to the reputation also. It can give the impression that the company doesn’t care about its public image and it can actually attract further crimes.

Our graffiti cleaning specialists use environmentally friendly products and leave no ghosting or shadow of the graffiti on any surface from which it is being removed. We offer a free no-obligation site inspection for our service of graffiti removal.

Oil Stain RemovalOur power washing service offers the best oil stain removal in DublinOil Stain Removal

For oil stain removal, conventional cleaning methods are not able to deliver a satisfactory result. The porous nature of many concrete and stone driveways means that a soaking, hot water, and alkaline detergent process is required.

To properly clean a driveway, we apply a detergent foam. Once this has soaked in and broken down the stains, we blast the area with powerful pressure washing equipment. Concrete driveways and floors can present a challenge for grease removal, especially if they were not originally sealed correctly.

Pavers and concrete substrates are porous and easily draw the oil down into them, making it very difficult to remove using conventional cleaning methods.

At Happy Clean, we have the equipment and the experience to tackle the most difficult oil stains from most surfaces. Get also a free quote for oil stain removal with our power washing service.

Chewing Gum RemovalOur service for power washing includes Chewing Gum Removal for both residential and public spacesChewing Gum Removal

Happy Clean’s chewing gum removal services deliver a pH-neutral, environmentally-friendly, and completely safe solution to the increasing problem of chewing gum. Our unrivalled cleaning service uses a steam mixture to evaporate the chewing gum, which can then be brushed away resulting in its’ complete removal.

The combination of pressure washing, heat, and cleaning solution, means that a wad of gum can be removed in just a matter of seconds. That means that one specialist chewing gum cleaning operative can remove many pieces of gum per hour with no disruption to members of the public.

Our significant experience in public areas means that our chewing gum cleaning division offers entirely safe working areas. By eliminating the need for high-pressure hoses, unfriendly chemicals, and overspray into unwanted spaces, Happy Clean delivers in Dublin fantastic cleaning results that are perfect for chewing gum removal.

Car Parking CleaningOur service for power washing includes Car park cleaning for both residential and public parkingsCar Park Cleaning in Dublin

Car Park Cleaning with Power Wash
Car Park Cleaning with Power Wash

A dirty and cluttered car park looks unwelcoming and offensive. Lack of maintenance can lead to a build-up of dust, grease, and oil. A grimy and soiled car park is unsightly and unsafe and also a risk for the users. The car owners using an under-maintained parking space can face serious insurance-related consequences.

Commercial car parks need to be kept clean, not only to ensure a safe environment for your staff but also to provide a positive and professional image to your customers.

At Happy Clean, we have a team of skilled car park cleaners who are kept updated about the latest cleaning techniques. We also are equipped with the latest cleaning machines and using the power washing method. You can avail the best car park cleaning services in and around Dublin at affordable rates.

Patio Cleaning by Happy CleanOur service for power washing includes Patio cleaning for the best results in DublinPatio Cleaning in Dublin

Our patio cleaning and maintenance service covers all surface types from natural stones to concrete flags. At Happy Clean, we can remove moss, algae, weeds, paint, chewing gum, and any stains. Once cleaned, we can seal your patio, helping to protect it against external elements and extended its life span.

Patio sealing is an important option to consider because will prolong the life of your patio, especially if you have a natural stone. Paving, especially natural stone, is to some degree porous, as such they are susceptible to water penetration and general wear & tear. Patio sealer will bond to the surface filling in the tiny cavities and protecting the surface from the weather and footfall, especially important on heavy traffic areas around steps and doorways.

We use a high-pressure power washing combined with a powerful alkaline detergent. This will help cut through carbonizations and grease marks around the barbecue area. Whether your outdoor areas or poolside is covered with pavers, concrete, stone, or aggregate, our service for Patio Cleaning will bring the best results.

Patio Cleaning with Power Wash
Patio Cleaning with Power Wash

Driveway CleaningOur service for power washing includes Driveway cleaning for both residential and public accessDriveway Cleaning in Dublin

Our driveway cleaning process is simple and effective. We use a combination of hot water and our own dedicated paving cleaner as well as a high-quality alkaline detergent that is environmentally friendly.

Once this has soaked in and broken down the stains, we blast the driveway with high-pressure washing equipment. If requested, we can also apply a sealer to the driveway which will protect your newly clean driveway for years to come.

Whether it’s a brick-paved driveway, concrete, liquid limestone, exposed aggregate, or patterned concrete surface, we provide exceptional driveway cleaning. In fact, all our technicians are highly skilled in identifying the requirements for different surfaces.

There are several benefits that come with a thorough driveway pressure cleaning. Among these, we can mention eliminating the mold and mildew, as well as preventing weed growth. If you need your driveway professionally power washed, don’t hesitate to get in touch. We are available 24/7 and we can provide free quotes.

Driveway Cleaning with Power Wash
Driveway Cleaning with Power Wash

Wood Decking CleaningOur service for power washing includes wood decking cleaning for both residential and public parkings in DublinWood Decking Cleaning in Dublin

Wood Decking Cleaning with Power Wash Dublin
Wood Decking Cleaning with Power Wash Dublin

Outdoor decks are the perfect place for entertaining, but we know Irish weather conditions heavily affect these areas. Our wood decking cleaning services with power wash can help!

Wooden decking is often overlooked due to the time and effort consumed for maintenance. At Happy Clean, we can use power washing method for your home’s outdoor areas, as well as seal them. Maintaining a timber or wooden deck should not be a hassle. We have a series of solutions to clean and seal your wood deck to preserve its lifespan and appearance longer.

With our high-quality equipment and professional wood deck cleaners, we have the ability to restore timber decks to their former glory. Some of the surface preparation steps include pressure cleaning, stripping off existing deck stain, brush sanding the timber, and wood deck wash with pre-stain cleaning solution.

We can then apply a sealer on request. If your wood decking is looking stained and dirty, just get in touch for a nonobligatory quote.