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Mattress cleaning is extremely important for our health but most people don’t even know that’s an option. If you have never had yours cleaned, you need to read this!

The average person spends between 7-8 hours in bed daily, which equates to almost 3000 hours per year!!! Washing your sheets and pillow cases is not enough. Not having  a clean mattress means that dirt, bacteria, sweat, dust mites, body oil, dead skin, cells, body fluids, fungus, pet dander may be sharing the bed with you! Disgusting, right? All this affects your night sleep and your general health, and that’s the reason why we recommend deep cleaning it at least once a year!

If you find yourself waking up with congestion, watery or red eyes, constant itching, runny nose or sneezing, then the chances are that you are more likely to be allergic to dust mites. Depending on the age of the mattress, it may contain between one million and ten million dust mites. It’s weights increases by 10% after only one year of use. The weight of a typical mattress will double after 10 years because of dust mite infestation.

We, at Happy Clean, are fully trained and insured for offering you the best mattress cleaning service in Dublin. By cleaning yours regularly, you also save money as you extend its life. When accidents happen, you need to call us straight away for the best results. The faster we act the better the chances to fully remove the stains.

We always advise our customers that the cleaning is mainly for sanitary purposes, not visual, as some stains may be permanent if we don’t treat them straight away. Let our cleaning company breathe new life into your old mattress. You don’t have to know how to sanitize it, how to remove stains from it or how to disinfect it. All you have to do is schedule an appointment with us. You will be surprised to see the colour of the water that we extract!

We work 7 days a week and WE COVER DUBLIN and ALL SURROUNDING COUNTIES! Just give us a call at anytime on 0892072082 or simply send us a message/email and one of our agents will be happy to talk you through the process!