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Mattress cleaning

Mattress cleaning is recommended at least once a year to keep it in good condition. We spend at least 30% of our lives in bed, sleeping. But what if you knew the mattress could turn into the biggest enemy for your health? While most people don’t think about mattress cleaning, the allergens, mites and bacteria find the ideal hiding place in there.

Read on for some reasons you may want to get your bed professionally cleaned.

1) Get rid of bedbugs

You may have read about outbreaks of bedbugs in hotels or motels, but bedbugs can live just about anywhere. Even the most immaculate homes can become infested with bedbugs. Some signs of a bedbug infestation may include a rash or itchy areas after sleeping, small blood spots on your sheets or a musty odor in your bed. You can usually treat your bed bug symptoms with over-the-counter medications, but you will want to hire a professional to eliminate the problem.

2) Extend the life of your mattress

You wash your sheets on a regular basis and probably even send your comforter to the cleaners, but how often do you give your bed a good cleaning? Keeping a routine cleaning schedule for your bed may help extend its life.

3) Get rid of dirt and debris

If you live in a home with kids and dogs, you know they make their way onto mattresses and bedding without giving a second thought to dirty feet and paws. Therefore, dog hair and pet dander can build up over time, so cleaning your bed will help eliminate the dirt.

4) Feel better (and sleep better!)

No one wants to hop into a dirty bed. A professional cleaning will make you feel better about your sleep—and given peace of mind you get from having a clean mattress, it may even help you sleep a little better.

Happy Clean offers mattress cleaning services in Dublin and surrounding areas. Using professional equipment and detergents, you can rely on us to clean your mattress, furniture or  carpets. 

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