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How to Remove Furniture Dents From Your Carpet

Whether you’re moving home, purchasing a new dining set, or just looking to shake things up a bit by rearranging, moving furniture can be a daunting task. An especially worrying factor for some people is having to face the dents in the carpet where the furniture legs once sat. Pressure from the furniture often causes carpet fibres to lie flat, seemingly unforgivably. Luckily however, you don’t need to live with the reminder of where your furniture once was. It’s easy to get your carpet back into shape and looking new again!

Ice It Up!

First, you want to completely cover the area of the dent with ice cubes. Then, wait several hours for them to melt by themselves onto the carpet. The way this works is that the moisture from the ice melting slowly sinks into the fibres of the carpet, filling the flattened fibres out. This is also a less damaging method than waterlogging your carpet with room temperature water, or using a steamer. Patience here really is the key!

Fluff Up the Fibres

Once all of the ice has melted, blot up any excess water with a clean dry cloth. You should already begin to see some improvement in the shape of the carpet, but now it’s time for the next step. Run your fingers, a fork, a coin, or anything you feel comfortable using over the fibres of your carpet. You should continue to do this until everything is separated and looks fluffed up again.


After this, allow the carpet to finish air-drying. You can them vacuum as normal to ensure that the carpet is fluffed up to its original look. If the furniture dents were quite heavy, you can repeat the first few steps as necessary. Icing is a gentle process that should not add any damage to your carpet.


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