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How to Deal with Mud on your Carpet

With spring starting to bloom again the weather gets warmer and wetter. Whether you like to hike, take your dogs to the park, or have children, mud on your carpet is not a matter of if but when. Here are some steps you can take to remove this stubborn dirt.

Let the mud dry

Most stains need to be treated right away for best effects, but mud is a little different. You want to let it dry so that it becomes crumbly and easier to remove. Once it has died, you can use a vacuum cleaner to lift up most of the dirt on the problem area.

Blot the stain up

Once you’ve vacuumed, you will probably notice that there is still a stained area. Mix some mild liquid detergent together with warm water. Then, use a cloth to blot this mixture over the stain. You want to dab the area instead of rubbing, as this can cause the mud to settle into the fabric fibres. You may need to repeat this over the course of a few minutes in order to see the stain begin to lift.

Rinse and dry

Once the stain has lifted, grab a clean cloth and some clean water. Damp over the area for a few minutes to ensure that all the detergent has been rinsed from the carpet. After this, leave that area of the carpet to air dry completely. You can then vacuum the area once more if the fibres of your carpet have flattened during the cleaning process.

So that’s it! Mud on carpet  is not so difficult to remove if the stain is small and the correct steps have been taken. However, if you’re having problems removing the stain entirely, you can always call an experienced cleaner in to give your carpet an professional touch up.

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