Floor Cleaning Dublin

We offer floor cleaning services in Dublin and surrounding areas, and our team is fully trained by Prochem to clean any type of hard floor with the best outcome. Our technicians can look after your hard floors, both for commercial and domestic contractors.

Happy Clean provides sealing, polishing, and cleaning services for all floors. More importantly, we work 7 days a week so we can make an appointment at a convenient time for you. The floor cleaning service is best for Marble, Travertine, Amtico, Ceramic, Porcelain, Laminate, Hardwood, Vinyl, Linoleum, Terracotta, Terrazzo, Slate, Natural, Limestone, and Hard floor polishing.

Mopping the Floor
Mopping the Floor

Best Practices for Regular Floor Cleaning

Not all floor surfaces can be cleaned through vigorous scrubbing, using only a brush and water! Many floor types require special attention when cleaning. As a general rule, floors with high-traffic areas, such as kitchens, dining areas, bathrooms, entryways, and hallways, should be swept or vacuumed every one to three days and mopped once a week.  A good moping is essential for keeping your floor clean. Regular sweeping and vacuuming will maintain the good look and extend the life of your flooring, as it removes the dirt and grit that can damage the floor as it’s walked on.

Why get professionals to clean your floor?

There are many benefits to professional floor cleaning. Most of the floors need more than just mopping, sweeping, and vacuuming, and vigorous scrubbing or using the wrong detergents will damage the surface. You might think that professional cleaning in Dublin is an expensive service, but what it could cost you to repair or replace a damaged floor?

Over time, stains appear on the floor’s surface and make it look dirty even if you mop it daily. These stains are quite tough to remove on your own, but our trained team have techniques and special products for any type of floor, doing the hard job for you.

Professional Cleaning Services
Professional Cleaning Services

Health Benefits after Professional Floor Cleaning

Health Benefits for using this cleaning

For customers with allergies or asthma issues in their families, professionally cleaned floors can make a huge difference. Over time, pet hair and dander, pollen tracked in from the outdoors, dust mites, and other potential allergens can accumulate on your floors and in between the floorboards.

A professional floor deep clean will remove these toxins, leaving your home a healthier place for your family. Professional cleaning also leaves your floors more sanitary,  which is important if you have small children who crawl or play a lot.

Professional Floor Cleaning in Dublin and Nearby Areas

Floor cleaning has become a necessity, especially in Dublin, where the demand for professional carpet and floor cleaning has almost doubled in the past year.

Both Dublin residential/domestic or commercial cleaning services must respect high standards of work, done by a specialized team with great experience level in this niche.

Happy Clean offers cleaning services like no other company, having the best technicians in this field, specially trained for any type of floor. Our users’ ratings speak for us!

Professional Floor Cleaning Dublin by Happy Clean
Professional Floor Cleaning Dublin by Happy Clean

Our most asked floor cleaning services in Dublin

Like every niche, some services are more wanted than others. For the floor cleaning niche, the following services are needed the most, especially in Dublin:

Tiles and Grout

The grout line can get very grubby in time and regular mopping isn’t enough. To remove all dirt from in between the tiles, a professional floor cleaning will restore its look.

Natural Stone Carpet

This type of flooring is suitable both for residential and commercial buildings. The natural stone carpet is extremely durable if cleaned professionally once in a while.


 Although is very durable, due to the porous nature of travertine, the floor needs professional cleaning more often. We also recommend sealing it every two years.

Porcelain / Marble

Porcelain/marble tiles bring a plus of elegance to your home. For this type of floor cleaning, we use special products that won’t affect the gloss effect and extend its life.

Ceramic Floor

Ceramic floor is a great choice for kitchens and bathrooms as it’s easy to clean and maintain. We recommend professionally cleaning your floor once per year.

Slate Floor

Also a natural stone floor, slate should be cleaned and sealed regularly to prevent excessive soiling. Using neutral PH products is also extremely important.


Linoleum is commonly used for floorings and it’s a long-lasting option. We can professionally clean all linoleum and vinyl floors, residential or commercial.

Wood Floor

Whether you have hardwood or laminate floors, they need to be cleaned regularly. Our team is trained to clean wood floors for lite (laminate) or hard traffic.

Floor Cleaning

Happy clean provides the best cleaning service in Dublin, with high-quality products and detergents for any type of fabric.