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Replace or clean the carpet?

Replace or clean the carpet? Many of our customers have this dilemma, once the carpet is very dirty and it looks like nothing can make it look good again!


Our answer is always the same: CLEAN IT! Why? Because it’s definitely cheaper and it’s worth a try! We, at Happy Clean, are always honest with our customers and advise we can’t guarantee to remove all stains as some might be permanent. But we can assure you it will look much better!


No job is too small or too difficult for us! We use very powerful equipment and have a dedicated chemical for each type or stain or fabric! Unlike other cleaning companies, we will leave your carpets just a little bit damp, so they will be dry in a couple of hours. That will reduce the risk of bad smell or mould! Have a look at our photo gallery here to see the amazing results after the cleaning.


In order to extend the life of your carpets we recommend deep cleaning them every 6-8 months depending on traffic. Also, removing the spills and stains as soon as possible will help. When an accident happens, use just a wet towel to remove the spill or stain. Don’t rub just press it so the stain would transfer on it. If your domestic chemicals are not appropriate for that type of stain you might end up fixing it into the carpet! So any time you are unsure of what to do when you stained your carpet, just contact us and we are happy to advise you!

dirty carpet
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If you need professional carpet or upholstery cleaning, don’t hesitate to ask us for a quote! You can text, call, pm on Facebook or just use our online chat, whatever suits! And don’t forget to like us on Facebook for many before and after pictures and videos!


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