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How to deal with pet smell

Most pet owners are aware of the warm and welcoming company that their pets show. However, most pet owners are likely to be aware of the pet smell that so often goes along with having pets! Whether such smells could possibly be the result of a dog that has just come from playing outside, or perhaps a puppy that has been potty training, they can often be frustrating and tough to get rid of.

Usually kids and pets often share the exact floor space, however, it’s very important to eliminate odours from pets as well as their accidents. It may be quite unpleasant for visiting guests to be in your home if it smells like pets or pet urine. Try this advice to help your carpet and furniture stay nice and clean longer between professional cleanings:

1. After bathing your pet to eliminate odors be sure to wash them with odor control soaps and shampoos.  Additionally it is essential to dry your pet completely before allowing them to lay on your carpet or furniture.

2. Regular grooming and brushing may help keep pet hair from accumulating on carpets and furniture.

3. Proper house training of your pet is extremely important.

4. Although accidents can still happen, make certain to soak up the wet spot once it has happened to help lift as much urine up from the carpet as you can. When the urine is left to dry it’s harder to remove the odour.


And if  accidents do happen and you can’t get rid of the pet smell, you can always call the experts from Happy Clean and we will make your  carpet or furniture look like new!