Commercial Regular Cleaning

Commercial regular cleaning is the best option if you need fast services, and cheaper. Moreover, this cleaning service is great for schools, offices, hotels, AirBNB locations, common areas, medical centres, or even when you move in/out. Any company needs a day-by-day regular cleaning, and we are the best cleaning company in Dublin among other services.
If you have a business that needs to be cleaned once (or more times) a week, Happy Clean has the right persons to do a great job.

Why choose Happy Clean?

Whether it’s a one-off job, regular weekly clean, filthy industrial site, or servicing a national network, Happy Clean can help. We pride ourselves on delivering commercial cleaning services that are known for their reliability, cost-effectiveness, and excellence. When it comes to providing a sparkling clean and hygienic result, technology is everything. That’s why we use the most advanced, high-quality commercial cleaning equipment available.

Vast experience in the cleaning field. Our team is well documented and will do a professional job.

We use high-quality products to ensure the best results for regular cleaning and our other services.

24/7 customer service – We are here to help at any time, so don’t hesitate to get in touch with us, at any hour!

Free quotes and 100% satisfaction guaranteed. We like to do a perfect job anytime, anywhere.

Quality is our mission – No job is too big or too small, and we treat all our clients the same. 5-star ratings on Facebook or Google.

Our prices are affordable – Getting a great service shouldn’t be overly expensive. While we are not the cheapest company, we definitely offer the best cleaning services that anyone can afford.

We are fully insured – Our public liability insurance covers us in case of any issues so you know our work is covered for.

Reliability is our strength – We know that one of the main issues that companies have with cleaning contractors is not showing up or being late for jobs. At Happy Clean, punctuality is a must so you can count on us!

Happy Clean is a company that takes pride in providing one of the best office and commercial cleaning services in Dublin. We are here to offer you a staff of experienced, friendly, reliable, and trustworthy professionals.

We are fully insured and professionally trained, so you can be sure that with us, your premises are in good hands. Whether you are not happy with the level of service you are currently getting from your contractors, or you just want to outsource the cleaning services, we will provide the best commercial cleaning services around.

School Regular Cleaning

At Happy Clean, we offer school regular cleaning services in Dublin. We understand how important keeping a clean environment is for everyone’s health. When it comes to cleaning in schools, there is simply no room for error. Specialised School Regular Cleaning methods have become essential in the facilities management of a school. While ensuring a regular cleaning routine with a focus on high-use areas is important, targeted surface disinfection in areas vulnerable to cross-contamination and common areas that attract high traffic are added essentials for a higher standard of the school cleaning program.

Our school cleaners take extra caution when it comes to cleaning classrooms. We will make sure that the rooms are absolutely chemical-free and that not a single speck of dust is present. We pay attention to detail and spend time cleaning the chairs, the desks, and the doors.

For universities we can also provide student accommodation block cleaning services consisting of daily communal area cleans and summer deep cleans between residents. We work closely with facilities managers and caretakers to deliver excellent results, no matter what the type of clean.

So If you need bespoke school regular cleaning services, don’t hesitate to contact us and we will arrange a site survey for a free quote!

School Regular Cleaning by Happy Clean
School Regular Cleaning by Happy Clean

Office Regular Cleaning

Office Regular Cleaning by Happy Clean
Office Regular Cleaning by Happy Clean

Quality office cleaning in Dublin doesn’t just enhance the presentation of your business, it actively improves the hygiene of your workplace and the health of the workers spending 40+ hours in it each week. Most people see their office as a second home, given the fact that they spend so much time there. Having a clean office, nice coffee, and comfortable chairs, are all little things that go a long way to help keep your team motivated.

In a clean working environment, you are less likely to be distracted by cluttered objects, and a greater level of concentration leads to more and better work being done. Also, maintaining a clean working space will reduce the rate of employees calling in sick.

And maybe you’re thinking that you don’t need a cleaning company in Dublin to do all this work and the employees can just clean after themselves. But why would you pay them to spend their time cleaning and not doing the work they got hired for? Are they trained and do they know what chemicals to use? We can take away the hassle of cleaning and more than that, we can supply the cleaning products as well so you can just focus on growing your business.

From the reception area, offices, meeting rooms, and washrooms to kitchens we will tailor your office cleaning to your exact requirements including frequency, depth of clean, and time of clean. We can arrange after-hours cleaning so we wouldn’t interrupt the office activity.

AirBNB Regular Cleaning

Our Airbnb regular cleaning service is unique. We go far beyond a normal clean. We are scrupulous about absolutely EVERYTHING! Our cleaners are trained to see even the tiniest hair on a carpet, in bedding, or in a bathroom. The dust has nowhere to hide when our Airbnb Cleaning Service is on the job. And after every cleaning, our area managers inspect the property to make sure the cleaning is up to the standards. All our products are environmentally friendly, and there are no nasty chemicals used.

Every day we ensure that there is coffee, tea, milk, and sugar in the kitchen.
We replenish shampoo, conditioner, hand soap, body lotion, tissues, and toilet paper in the bathroom. We also check that there is plenty of laundry powder, dish-washing powder, dish-washing liquid and that there are clean sponges, wipes, tea towels, and bin liners for the kitchen and laundry.
We offer you tailor-made service to suit your cleaning needs and your time scales. You can use our cleaning services on a fixed-term contract or only for a single cleaning visit. We work on very competitive prices.

What our service includes:

  • Bed changing and made to hotel standard;
  • Arrange the property to welcome your guests (flowers, a bottle of wine, etc.);
  • Arrange high-quality Supplies for Your Airbnb property include bed linens, toiletries, towels, and more;
  • Arrange key collection and drop-off (on request).
AirBNB Rentals Regular Cleaning by Happy Clean
AirBNB Rentals Regular Cleaning by Happy Clean

Common Areas

Common Area Regular Cleaning
Common Area Regular Cleaning

We offer common area cleaning services to customers throughout Dublin. We can take care of both residential and commercial buildings to make sure they remain clean, tidy, and welcoming to their users.

Common areas – areas “commonly” used by residents, tenants, and visitors – take various forms; lifts, escalators, foyers, lobbies, shared bathrooms, leisure areas, food courts… there are many areas that fall into this category when it comes to strata properties.

A clean environment plays an important role in maintaining a reputable image of your building. The biggest mistake is letting the shared areas in an apartment get dirty by not recurring cleaning. These areas are used more often and all the foot traffic brings in dust over time, making the lounging areas, hallways, and even elevators dirty. The easiest way to prevent this is to have a professional commercial cleaning service team that comes out on a recurring schedule from daily to weekly to do their cleaning jobs.

Floors and carpets are the two crowded areas that always get a huge traffic of customers. Therefore, dirty floors and carpets are inevitable. However, it is unacceptable to come into a residential building with sticky and dirty surface flooring. Continuously unclean floors and carpets will be replaced much sooner and cost you an amount of money in the long term.

A key way to keep your commercial complex common areas looking fresh and clean is to hire a good cleaning team to do the job. Our cleaners are trained well to meet the cleaning needs and requirements, which are involved with special sanitizing in residential spaces. If your building has specific cleaning needs or concerns, our team can help you address all issues, and provide various services and a fully-developed plan for cleaning.

Medical Centre Regular Cleaning

Medical and Health Care centres require an extensive level of cleaning. We have specialised scopes of work for this industry that our cleaners follow and that are tailored to your requirements dependant on your needs. Our medical centre’s regular cleaning service is guaranteed to leave the space spotless.

We understand that your customers expect perfection when they walk into your place of work and that their health is priority number 1. That’s why our cleaners will make sure to provide the best cleaning services and leave nothing uncleaned behind.

We offer our services to medical centres, chiropractors, dentists, physiotherapists, podiatrists, psychologists, radiologists, yoga studios, and more.

Medical centre regular cleaning service
Medical centre regular cleaning service

Move-In / Move-Out Cleaning

Move-in Move-Out Regular Cleaning by Happy Clean
Move-in/Move-out Regular Cleaning

There’s no need to stress about the move-in and move-out cleaning – we can handle all that for you, especially in Dublin! We know that moving can be time-consuming and actually exhausting, so why add the burden of cleaning to it? At Happy Clean, we are fully trained and we’ll leave the place spotless for you.

Our move-out/move-in cleaning service is as professional as it is reliable. It helps that we are fully supported by our police-checked and extensively trained home cleaners. Not only will they leave your property pristine, but they will also allow you to reclaim more time to spend on the more important things in life.

Our standard moving clean includes a detailed checklist of the areas of your home that need to be cleaned. We can also tailor packages to clean specific areas and ensure your home is in tippy-top condition to enter or vacate.

Our cleaners are all personally vetted to provide you with complete trust in having them in your home. They also pride themselves on turning up on time for any appointments they have to clean your home. If you want to work with the most professional Dublin cleaners, choose Happy Clean.