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How to clean a red wine stain?

You’re at home enjoying a nice glass of red wine —relaxing, maybe sitting down to dinner, savoring the moment—when disaster strikes. The glass slips from your fingers. And then there it is: a red wine stain. On your beautiful, (maybe cream!) carpet.

What do you do? Call your mother?  Abstain from red wine forever after? Cry? No! Don’t let that red wine stain scare you. If you keep your cool and act fast, your carpet will be spotless again in no time.

1. Blot up the excess wine. Before you go running for the cleaning cabinet, grab a cloth and start blotting. Using a fresh spot of cloth each time, absorb as much liquid as possible from the red wine stain. Then, pour a little water on the stain to dilute it and continue blotting. This should make cleanup much easier.

2. Do a test run. If your carpet is darkly-colored or especially precious to you and you’re planning to use a harsh/abrasive cleaning solution, you may want to do a test run before you start pouring on the chemicals. Find a hidden spot (beneath a couch, perhaps) and do a quick test run to make sure the color and quality of your carpet won’t be affected.

3. Pick your method. Based on what you have lying around, try one of these tried-and-true methods:

* Baking Soda: With a 3-1 ratio mixture of baking soda and water, stir together a paste and pat it thoroughly into the stain. Once it’s dry, vacuum off. You can also use baking soda in combination with hydrogen peroxide.
* Carpet or Clothing Stain Remover: Since all stain removal products are different, follow the directions, treating the carpet like clothing if need be. Simple as that.
* Salt: Shake some salt (a pretty hefty amount) onto the stain and let it absorb the wine (similar to the baking soda solution above). Vacuum off.
* Vinegar: Mix vinegar with a little water and blot away. Follow up with some dish soap blotting.

4. Assess your results. If you weren’t able to tackle the stain right away (and it’s not budging from the carpet) or your home cleaning job just wasn’t up to par, you might need to call in the professionals. Experts like the ones at Happy Clean have industrial strength products and machines that can clean up everything from red wine stains to spilt motor oil or candle wax.

So don’t admit defeat and switch over to white wine if red’s your preference. Relax and savor your glass. And if you do trip up (we all do eventually), confront that red wine stain as soon as possible.
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