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Why clean your furniture regularly?

Why clean your furniture regularly? No matter if you have leather or fabric furniture you should clean them at least once a year. Think of all the dust on your appliances and wooden furniture. You wipe that don’t you? 🙂 But where does all the dust on your furniture go? INSIDE your sofas!

All the spills on the furniture turn into sticky residues that attract even more dirt and dust. That can

be dangerous for the health of your family, and can lead to asthma, allergies or severe illnesses.

We all love pets and they are adorable. But  when you have a dog or a cat, the sofa is ALWAYS their favourite place in the house. You should vacuum the sofas once a week to prevent the hair building up on the furniture. Maybe it’s not a bad idea having a special brush to remove it once in a while.

Do you remember how expensive your suite of furniture was? You probably bought it with a bit of effort so you want it to last as long as possible. So why not look after it and get in cleaned regularly by the best rated company in Ireland?

We recommend  professional sofa cleaning at least once a year. Our technicians at Happy Clean have the best training and know exactly what they are doing. Even if you pick a different upholstery cleaning company we would suggest to make sure they are trained, use professional equipment and detergents and have good results and feedback.

Most people think it’s not a big deal to clean a sofa! So they go for the cheapest thinking what could go wrong. We always say, hiring an amateur could end up being more expensive than paying for a professional service in the first place. If the person who cleans the sofa doesn’t know how to control the amount of water that goes into your fabric sofa or doesn’t use the right chemicals, it could make it worse or even destroy it. Also on the leather furniture, it’s very important to use dedicated products and equipment. This way they won’t dry or scratch your expensive suite. You can read here why you should choose us for cleaning your upholstery. And here is how we do it 🙂

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