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Why choose Happy Clean over other cleaning companies?

Everyday we get messages and calls from potential customers looking for a quote. So why choose Happy Clean over other carpet cleaning companies? What makes us different, and more important, what makes us better?

The first question everyone asks is about the price. Of course, we all want the best service at the most affordable prices. And that’s exactly what we offer. We know we’re not the cheapest nor the most expensive carpet cleaning company. But we definitely offer you the best value for money.

Very often our clients ask why the last time they had their carpet cleaned by other companies, they looked even dirtier after just a few days. The explanation is simple. A company that quotes extremely cheap does not have the resources to fully train the staff, use professional chemicals and machines or follow all the steps for doing the job properly.

For a thorough cleaning of the carpet, there’s a few steps that must be followed.

First and very important, the carpet has to be vacuum cleaned with a professional powerful vacuum cleaner. But most companies would just skip this step or simply ask the client to hoover it in advance with their domestic hoover. At Happy Clean WE NEVER DO THAT! Secondly, the correct cleaning of the carpet implies prespraying, agitation of the prespray and then rinsing with a professional chemical in order to clean and neutralise the area. If the carpet is not cleaned down to the bottom of the fibres, all the dirt  will lift back to the top once the water evaporates from the carpet. Hence your carpet will look even dirtier after a short period of time. We follow all these steps religiously and never rush our jobs in order to get the best results!

Every carpet and piece of furniture is different, so we take our time to test it before we start cleaning. This way we know exactly what to use for any type of fabric to eliminate all risks.

Another big problem raised by our customers from their experiences with other companies is bad smell after cleaning. This will never happen with us, we use special anti bacterial rinse chemicals that kill the smelly bacteria in the carpets or furniture, leaving a fresh fragrance after each job.

A professional carpet cleaner will always know how much water to use to avoid browning stains or the appearance of mould. Most people think nothing can go wrong, it’s just a carpet or a sofa, anyone can clean it. Well, we’ve seen some pretty sad results on very expensive carpets and sofas, such as a white rug turning brown or a fabric sofa that shrunk and it had to be replaced.

We are very proud of our results and all the good reviews people are leaving on Facebook do nothing else than to confirm that WE ARE PROFESSIONAL CARPET CLEANERS!

Our staff always do their best to exceed customer’s expectations and they never promise more than they can achieve. Punctuality, tidiness and hard work are our strengths. We go the extra mile to offer the best carpet and upholstery cleaning services in Dublin and surrounding areas.

We know everyone looks for the cheapest, but sometimes hiring an amateur can end up being much more expensive!

If you need your carpets or furniture professionally cleaned get in touch for a free quote! You can call Happy Clean at 0892072092, email us or just send us a message on our Facebook page!