professional carpet cleaning
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Carpet stains – why don’t they always come out with the cleaning?

People call for professional help when the carpet stains or dirt on the carpet are obvious. And we always get the same questions, like “Can you guarantee all stains will be gone?” or “Can you guarantee the carpet will be like new again?” The answer is always NO, all we can promise is to do our best! We always undepromise and overdeliver in order to exceed your expectations.


Carpets are like clothes! We wear a shirt once, maybe twice, it just hangs on us, nobody walks on it, and then we put it in the wash.  The carpet is like a giant shirt, whether it’s nylon, polyester, wool or cotton. We walk on it, kids spill drinks on it, pets have accidents, we drop food on it. Then every couple of days, every week or two weeks we dry vacuum it and call it clean. And once a year, maybe every 2 or 10 years we decide to professionally clean it. And we ask you a question. If you were to use your shirt the same way you use the carpet, would you expect all the stains and dirt to come out when you wash it? Of course not!


In order to keep your carpets cleaned and free of stains we recommend to get them professionally cleaned every 6 to 8 months. This way you will extend the life of your carpet and look after the health or everyone in the house. And we always recommend to get them stain guarded after the cleaning, to keep the stains away as long as possible.


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