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Carpet Cleaning

Carpet Cleaning

If you are looking for a great carpet cleaning service in Dublin, we, at Happy Clean, cover all your needs. Our cleaners are fully trained and experienced. Our goal is to use only environmentally friendly cleaning chemicals and equipment.

We specialize in commercial and domestic carpet cleaning.  Providing each customer with the best cleaning service in Dublin and surrounding areas is our priority.

Our technicians are up to date with the professional expertise and the latest methods for cleaning carpets.  As a result,  that makes us confident to offer the following services:

  • hot-water or Dry steam cleaning treatments
  • foam cleaning
  • shampoo cleaning
  • bonnet cleaning
  • usage of absorbent dry cleaning compounds

We use different cleaning solutions depending on the type of fabric, level of soiling, age, style or colour.

As professionals, we follow all the steps for a thorough carpet cleaning!

  1. Inspection

    Firstly, our technicians will inspect the carpet. Therefore they will check the level of soiling, fixings, seams and backings. So, this will give us the information we need to decide on the system and method of cleaning to be applied.

  2. Fibre test 

    Secondly, fibre identification will help us determine use of correct cleaning solution and Ph level. It will also assist pre-judgement on whether stains are removable.

  3. Power vacuum 

    Vacuuming the carpet is one of the most important steps in the process of carpet cleaning. Other so-called ‘carpet cleaners’ skip this step for a quicker job or simply ask the customer to do it before their arrival. Domestic vacuum cleaners do not have the same power to extract the dirt such as a professional machine. So, when the water hits the carpet all the dust and dirt that should’ve been professionally vacuumed will turn into mud and the cleaning will not be effective anymore.

  4. Spray pre-treatment

    We pre-treat heavily soiled areas, spots and stains with special cleaners and stain removers.

  5. Deep cleaning

    Our technicians will clean the carpet using the system and method decided at the inspection stage. We will clean all inaccessible areas like edges or stairs  by hand using appropriate method.

  6. Carpet cleaner protector

    We would recommend applying a stain repellent protector after the cleaning. This will extend the life of your carpet and the gap between cleanings.

  7. Re-inspect

    Lastly, we always inspect the carpet  for soil removal and any unremoved stains and spots will be further treated.

Does you carpet need a good clean? Book here or call 0892072082 for a free quotation from one of our friendly customer service team.


  1. Jane boylan

    Can i please get a price for stair and landing capet cleaning

  2. Sharon Redmond

    Can I get a price for two bedrooms and a stairs and large landing please plus large rug – approx 2 metres wide by 2.5 long

  3. Zivile

    Hello, I would like to get a prices for landing. Thank you

  4. John

    Hi can I get a quote for a staircase and a medium size hallway ( 3 meters long and 1 meter wide). Thank you