Carpet cleaning myths

As many other industries, the carpet cleaning market has its share of myths and misconceptions. From the classic “my carpet is not old or it doesn’t have visible stains, so it doesn’t need cleaning”, to the more recent rumours that “cleaning your carpets is bad for the environment”, we are sure you are familiar with at least one or two myths that linger around. If are planning to have your carpets professionally cleaned and still wonder if this is the right thing to do, read our article below. We’ve made a list of most common myths about carpet cleaning, with the aim of shedding some light on them and providing you with some accurate information. We hope by the time you finish reading it, you will not only not believe any of these misconceptions, but you will also discover some of the most important benefits of professional carpet cleaning services.

Cleaning your carpet too often will damage it!

carpet damage

One of the most common concerns carpet owners have, is that the cleaning process might damage their flooring. Let us assure you, that this will only happen if you hire an inexperienced carpet cleaner. You would be surprised to find out how many people believe they could start a carpet cleaning business using off the shelf detergents and machines, and watching some YouTube videos. A reputable cleaning company has its agents professionally trained and up to date with the latest techniques in the industry. That means, your carpets are in good hands and you don’t need to worry about them being damaged.

While regular professional carpet cleaning won’t harm them, the opposite will do. Over time, all the dust, dirt and bacteria get embedded within the fibres, causing tear and premature wear. If left unchecked, the build-up of debris will eventually split and deteriorate the carpet. So the longer you wait to clean it, the more damage you do to your flooring and the faster it wears out. Now, we are not saying to have your carpets professionally cleaned every week, however, there are a few good practices that if put in place, they could prolong its lifespan and maintain your floors’ good look.

One of the easiest and best things you can do for your carpets, is regular vacuuming. For most houses, hoovering every 3 to 4 days, or even once a week is enough. However, for busy home environments, with kids and pets, you might need to do it daily, or every second day.  In terms of professional cleaning, it is recommended to have your carpets deep cleaned at least once per year, and every 6 to 8 month for areas with high traffic. This will boost the quality of indoor air and minimize the chances of allergen-induced diseases, as well as removing the unpleasant stains and dirt, leaving your carpeting clean, fresh and sanitized.

Professionally cleaning your carpet will not only not ruin them, but it’s actually necessary for both you and your carpets’ wellbeing.

Carpets should only be cleaned when the dirt is visible!

carpet dirt

Visible dirt and stains are not pleasant to the eye, and whenever your carpets or sofas get this soiled you might be more willing to have them professionally cleaned, then when they don’t have noticeable marks on them. However, beside dirt, there are other “invisible” things hidden inside your floors or sofas, such as dust, allergens, fungus, bacteria and pollens. Add to that Tabaco smoke, which contains many different chemicals that are harmful to your health. Even if your home is smoke free, these dangerous chemicals can get on your shoes or clothing, and then end up on your carpet or sofa. All these contaminants contribute greatly to poor indoor air quality, being major triggers for allergies, asthma and other breathing problems. If you are struggling with sneezing, watery eyes, itchy skin, then you might consider having your floors, upholstery and mattresses professionally cleaned on a regular basis.

Vacuuming is a great way to keep surface dirt off your carpeting and furniture, but deep cleaning takes the process a step further and takes out the debris and bacteria hidden deep inside the fibres. A clean carpet contributes to a healthy environment and better indoor air quality for you and your family.

At Happy Clean, we use the hot water extraction method, which is the most efficient cleaning technique and guarantees the complete removal of allergens, leaving the surfaces fully sanitized. Our agents are professionally trained to use the same method for upholstery cleaning and mattress cleaning. The same as carpeting, sofas and bedspreads are known for harbouring a lot of dust mites, pet hair and bacteria, so they need the same special care every once in a while.

Restoring carpets’ original appearance by removing grime and spots is, undeniably, one of the most important and visible benefit of hiring a professional carpet cleaner, but it should not be the only one. To keep your flooring in best possible shape, as well as maintain a healthy house or commercial environment, you should deep clean them regularly, no matter there are visible stains on it or not.

My carpet isn’t that old, it doesn’t need to be cleaned!

carpet age

This is something we hear quite often: “Oh, it’s not that bad. My carpet is only 2/3 years old!”. Believe it or not, 3 years of intense usage could leave some serious marks on a carpet, especially if it is not properly looked after. When people refer to their carpet as ‘new’, most of the time it’s already a few years old. Carpet is designed to hide soils, so even if it looks “clean”, more than often it’s not. In fact, by the time the dirt is visible, most of the damage has already occurred. 

On average, carpet should last you 5 to 15 years, less if it’s a cheap one, and more if it’s a high quality one. For example, wool and nylon have the longest lifespan, while carpets made of Polyester or Olefin are more affordable but won’t last as long. Each fabric has its own benefits, so before making up your mind, read our carpet buying guide.

Your floors’ life expectancy is highly influenced by the wear and tear it is exposed to and how you take care of it. The carpet in a spare bedroom where there is little traffic will probably last longer than carpet in a heavily trafficked hallway. Homes with children and pets will see increased carpet wear compared to homes with quiet lifestyles, so there are many factors to consider. In terms of maintenance, proper carpet care will increase its longevity and reduce the severity of the matting process. Proper care means regular vacuuming as well as regular professional deep cleaning. Over time, all the dust and debris will get embedded within the fibres, causing premature wear. Therefore, even if your carpets look clean or you only had them installed a year ago, you should hire a professional carpet cleaning company, just so you maintain them in great shape for many years to come.

Cleaning my carpets will cause them to get dirty faster!

dirty carpet

We are sure you have heard this urban myth before. Generally speaking, if your carpets look dirty shortly after being professionally cleaned, that means the cleaning process wasn’t correctly done, following all the steps. More than that, some cleaning methods, such as carpet shampooing or bonnet cleaning, are not that efficient. They only do a light surface cleaning, pushing the dirt even deeper into the fibres, and leaving sticky residues behind. These lead to quick re soiling of the carpet.

Let us tell you a bit more about the right steps to follow when deep cleaning a carpet, steps that all our trained agents are familiar with:

  • Inspection – check the level of soiling, fixings, seams and backings.
  • Fibre test – determines the correct cleaning solution and Ph. level. We use different cleaning solutions depending on the type of fabric, level of soiling, age, style or colour. 
  • Power vacuum – allows us to remove all the dust and dirt hidden in your carpet. If we would skip this step, when the water hits the carpet the dirt that should’ve been professionally vacuumed will turn into mud.
  • Spray pre-treatment–  heavily soiled areas, spots and stains are pre-treated with special cleaners and stain removals.
  • Deep cleaning – we use the water extraction method, method that digs deep to remove germs, dirt and odours.
  • Stain guard (on request only) – applying a stain repellent protector after the cleaning, will extend the life of your carpet and the gap between cleanings.
  • Re inspection – check for any remaining soil or stains that might need further cleaning.

If all these standards are carefully followed, your carpets will look fresh and clean, and the re soiling process won’t happen as fast as before.

Carpets will be wet for days!

wet carpet

Now, we are sure you’ve heard this one before, because we definitely did. Many customers are asking us about the drying time, a bit worried that their carpets will be wet for days after cleaning.

Water is absolutely necessary for deep cleaning and stain removal, however, your floor should not be soaked after a professional job. When carpet is cleaned using the hot water extraction method, it should be dry within a few hours, and under no circumstances in more than 24h. It’s true that there are a few factors on which both the homeowner and the cleaning agent have little control over, such as soil level, humidity, air flow or wheatear conditions. However, not over wetting the carpet is totally up to the agent. No matter the conditions of the job, dry time is the technician’s responsibility. The industry standard for dry time is 4 to 8 hours and never longer than 24 hours.

There are also a few things that you could do, that would speed up the drying process. First pick a time when there’s less foot traffic in the house. If that’s not possible, it’s better not to walk on it. Damp carpet becomes dirty easily and it is also pretty slippery. To avoid needing another cleaning it is best to leave it alone until it dries.

If you have air-conditioning or a fan, just turn it on. Or you could check with your carpet cleaning provider if they could lend you an air mover. When it’s warm outside, open the curtains and let the warm, fresh air in.

Over wetting could cause a lot of issues. There is a high risk of growing mould, mildew and musty smell. Depending on the type of fibre, it can damage the carpet causing shrinkage. Not to mention, the inconvenience of not being able to use the area where you have the wet carpet. To make sure this doesn’t happen to you, hire a reputable carpet cleaning company. Things that you could easily check and that are very relevant for the type of work they do, are the company’s’ Google rating, their social media accounts, website, and last but not least their reviews. When comes to deep cleaning carpets, the drying process is as important as the cleaning solution applied. The right professional grade equipment and proper training are crucial for obtaining great results and having the carpets dry in few hours. If these two ingredients are missing, or the technician is rushing the job, or he’s using a faulty machine, that has clogged filter or hose, you will most likely end up with a job poorly done. Find out more about things to look for when hiring a professional carpet cleaner reading our tips for choosing the best carpet cleaning company.

Dry cleaning is a better method than “steam deep cleaning”!

steam cleaning

There is no such thing as “perfect carpet cleaning method”, however, the water extraction method, also known as steam cleaning, is considered the most efficient for deep cleaning the built up of dirt, dust and other debris from deep within the fibres, and the most effective in removing pet urine and hair. For better understanding of the advantages of this method, we will tell you a bit more about how it actually works. Hot water extraction cleaning typically involves application of cleaning agent on soiled surface, agitation of carpet with brush and followed by rinsing. After the detergent and the stain treatment settled in for few minutes, the carpet will be agitated using high pressured hot water and then extracted with a high powered vacuum. The steam from the hot water helps killing the bacteria, germs, mould, mildew and other irritants. This makes it an excellent choice for those suffering with allergies or sensitivities to detergents and shampoo. Steam also “fluffs up” matted carpet fibres so that your carpeting looks fresher and feels softer underfoot.

Dry cleaning on the other hand it is not recommended for those with allergies or breathing difficulties, as it involves the use of a powder detergent or similar chemical with a small amount of water. This technique is not powerful enough to revitalize and disinfect a carpet, as the rinsing and extraction process are not that effective. Residues that attract dirt and dust are left behind, which means the re soiling will happen much faster than when using the steam cleaning technique. Dry cleaning requires very short drying times, which makes it a great option for busy work environments where you need the carpet to be ready for foot traffic as soon as possible.

Unless your carpets’ manufacture instructions specifically recommend dry cleaning, you should book a carpet cleaner who uses the extraction method, so you can avail of all the benefits of a thorough deep cleaning.

Steam cleaning will shrink my carpet and upholstery!

carpet damage

As many other things that can go wrong when having your carpets professionally cleaned, shrinkage will only happen if the agent you’ve hired is an amateur, or he doesn’t know what he is doing, or the equipment and detergents he’s using are not the best.

The extraction method relies on a combination of hot water and chemicals for restoring your carpets’ appearance. Depending on the type of fabric, the water’s temperature needs to be adjusted, as well as the detergent’s dilution rate and Ph. The fail to do so, will cause the carpet fibres to shrink. While most of the synthetic fibres could be cleaned with hot water, the natural ones, such as wool, require extensive knowledge and extra care. Make sure the company you’re hiring has enough experience in the field, and they’ve dealt with natural fibre carpets before. You could always ask them to provide you with some before and after photos of similar jobs.

Excessive soaking is the most common cause for carpets to shrink. Deep stains may pose problems for some cleaning companies, and they will try to remove them by prolonging the cleaning process or using more soap and water. Too much water can cause shrinking, even with synthetic materials like nylon when the moisture removal system is handled poorly.

Another problem that excessive soaking might rise, is growing mould and mildew. If your carpets are not fully dry after 24h, then the chances for them to develop mould are quite high.

Renting a Carpet Cleaning Machine Will Do the Trick!

hire carpet cleaner

This might sound like a great and less expensive option, however there are many factors to consider before renting a DIY carpet and upholstery cleaning machine. First of all, let’s talk about the hassle of you visiting a busy store, spend time there to decide which machine you should rent, pay a deposit and leave your contact details (for security purposes), and finally visiting the store again for drop off. Image that on top of all these, it happens that you damage the rented carpet cleaner. Sounds like a lot of work, and you haven’t even started to clean your floors.

Let’s say you spend the time to do all this, and you actually have the machine in your home and you’re ready to start the job. Now, what do you do first? Are you sure you know what’s best for the type of fabric your sofa or carpet is made of? Or which are the right techniques and detergents to apply, in order to get rid of an old stain? Are those chemicals eco-friendly and safe for you and your family? Could you possibly damage your favourite armchair or sofa because you’ve been too aggressive with the detergents and/or water whilst cleaning? These are a lot of questions to answer to.

Bare in mind that carpet cleaning is not an easy task. Requires time and effort, especially if you don’t know what you’re doing or you’re using the wrong cleaning equipment. You may believe that a DIY machine will deliver the same results as a professional carpet cleaner. But as soon as you get to use it, you will realise that you have fallen into the manufactures’ marketing trick. Moreover, a rented carpet cleaner will not only not meet your expectation, but it might also ruin your item, by leaving you floor or furniture soaking wet, discoloured or with a bad odour.

Wicking is one of the bad things it can happen when deep cleaning a sofa or carpet yourself. Stains and dirt in the padding and subfloor could come to the surface after the pad becomes wet from steam cleaning. While your carpeting might have not seemed that soiled or stained, it can happen that old spots and dirt come out from deep within the plush pile. If that’s the case, there is not much you can do yourself, but to call a professional cleaning company.

Another thing it could happen when using a rented cleaning machine, is for your carpet to shrink. This occurs when the surface was over wet, or the water extraction process was not done correctly, therefore inefficient. Soaked carpets could take up to 5 days to fully dry, so enough time for the mould and mildew to grow in the pile. And of course, you will soon notice the “wet dog smell” coming from your flooring. This will also happen in houses with pets, unless odour neutralisers and especially created chemicals are being used.

If all the above sounds like a big hassle, we can help you avoid all of that! At Happy Clean, we are fully insured and trained, so your carpets and sofas are in safe hands.

DIY methods are better!


From all the items in your house, carpets experience the highest traffic, therefore, they need to be cleaned on a regular basis. While vacuuming daily or every2 to 3 days is a great practice, soon you will notice that it is not enough for keeping the floors looking at their best. Especially if you have pets or children, the dirt and stains are likely to be ten-fold.

At a simple search on the Internet, you will find many DIY methods and homemade remedies, which promise to remove any type of stain and refresh your carpets. Most of them include house hold products such as vinegar, baking soda or dishwashing detergent. For occasional spot cleaning and whenever accidents happen, these DIY solutions will the job of lifting a spill from your carpet and stopping it from becoming a permanent stain. Our stain removal guide will tell you which are the most common  homemade cleaning solutions, as well as which are the right steps to follow when dealing with spills and smear.

Even if DIY methods might work for most types of stains, we don’t recommend them if you are in need of a good, general deep carpet cleaning. A better solution would be to trust a professional company and let them take care of the job. Just think of how much time and effort you need to spend on the task, and you don’t have the guarantee of good results. Tackling big carpets and moving large furniture is a labour-intensive job. You might be excited in the beginning, but after few hours you will ask yourself “Is it really worth it?”. On the other hand, a professional carpet cleaner has the knowledge, equipment, detergents and experience to complete the task much quicker, and in a more efficient way. They even tidy the place afterward and move the waste away. So beside great results, convenience and ease are 2 other benefits of professional carpet cleaning.

If spills and accidents are a common practice in your home, it’s worth knowing how to deal with them using household products. However, deep carpet cleaning, means more than dirt and stain removal. As mentioned before, it also means that the bacteria and allergens form deep within the fibres are being removed. If you want your carpets not only free of stains, but also sanitized, only a professional cleaning will do that for you.

Before you decide to take matters in to your own hands and put in practice all the tips and tricks you saw on YouTube, make sure you check the label of you carpet. Also, any cleaning solution, especially those made out of hydrogen peroxide, should be tested on a hidden area, just to make sure it doesn’t discolour the carpet.

Carpets go through a lot in their lifetime, collecting dirt, dust and other allergens. So, when choosing a cleaning option, it makes sense that you want the most effective solution. If you’re tackling carpets with heavy dirt, stains and odours, it’s always best to go professional. The same as if you’re looking for a through deep cleaning, that will remove all the allergens, improving your indoor air quality and promoting a healthier environment. 

Carpet cleaning process is not environmentally friendly!

eco friendly

These days there is a wide range of carpet cleaning companies, that use eco-friendly and green certified detergents and techniques. There are many benefits of using these type of cleaning solutions. From not containing harmful chemicals or many volatile organic compounds, to being safe for kids and pets, as well as for people with allergies or sensitivities.

A reputable carpet cleaning company will ensure that the carpet cleaning wastewater is disposed of by the appropriate method by training their employees on best management practices. These practices include proper use of cleaning chemicals (right Ph. and concentration level, handling methods), as well as proper clean-up of chemical spills.

At Happy Clean we use high-quality green certified products, which are safe for the entire family. We care about our customers and use bio products to respect their health, raising their satisfaction grade. All our agents are fully trained and they have lots of experience in the field, which means they know how to carry their duties in the most efficient way.

A well maintained carpet is a carpet that will last you for many years. By having your floors, upholstery or mattresses professionally cleaned you are prolonging their life span. How is that important for the environment? Very simple! Instead of buying a new item, you get to keep the old one, which is now cleaned and sanitized. Double win!

Choose a carpet cleaner provider based on price only!


We all know the saying “You get what you pay for”. While we don’t believe that’s 100% true, there are situations when “a great bargain”, means a job poorly done. When comes to carpet cleaning, there are options on the market that could match any budget. However, price should not be the only aspect you take under consideration when hiring a professional carpet cleaner. Other factors, such as expertise, trainings, certifications, method of cleaning, type of equipment, availability or reviews, are at least equally, if not even more important than price. A higher cost usually means professional detergents and machines, trained agents, more knowledge and real experience in the field. All these are reflected in the quality of their work and in the great results they provide you with.

However, an expensive cost doesn’t always guarantees you an amazing service, as well as a lower one doesn’t necessary means a job poorly done. What you should be looking for is “value for money”.

We hope this article answered all your questions and we’ve managed to bust all the myth about carpet cleaning. If you still have some doubts about hiring a professional carpet cleaner, why don’t you just contact us? Our customer service representatives will be more than happy to assist you with any queries. No matter how you choose to contact us, by phone, text, email, social media or website, we are always just minutes away.