carpet cleaning dublin 7
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Carpet cleaning Dublin 7

Your local carpet cleaners in Dublin 7

Are you looking for professional carpet cleaning in Dublin 7? We offer same day appointments for carpet cleaning, rug cleaning and pet stain removal! If an accident happens on the carpet, we are here for emergency carpet cleaning.

We have a large expertise in removing stains such as paint, blood, urine, permanent marker, nail varnish, slime, candle wax, coffee, tea, juice, sauce from the carpet. At Happy Clean, all customers are extremely important so we make sure we go the extra mile for 100% satisfaction.

With over 1000 5 star testimonials on social media and Google, you have the guarantee that we will do our best to help you! Are we the cheapest carpet cleaning company? Definitely not! But we don’t cut any corners just to make it cheaper. We are affordable and charge the best price for the highest quality! Read here why you should choose us. 

Not only once have we cleaned carpets that other carpet cleaners has said they’re not salvageable. So we asked the customer to give us a chance before changing the carpet and after the cleaning, they didn’t need to replace it anymore. 

carpet cleaning

Sofa cleaning in Dublin 7

We can also clean sofas and we do a fantastic job. We have cleaned hundreds of suite with amazing outcome. Furniture that people had in their home for over 10 years came up like the first day they bought it.

sofa cleaning

At Happy Clean, we clean both leather and fabric suites. We are the preferred sofa cleaners in Dublin and we are available for short notice and same day appointments.


Mattress cleaning in Dublin 7

By cleaning your mattress regularly there are multiple benefits:

  1. Save money by extending the life of your good quality mattress
  2. Keep healthy indoor air quality in your bedroom
  3. Say goodbye to allergies
  4. Good bedroom hygiene gives you total peace of mind

Studies show that a good nights sleep is crucial for your health. The effects of a good nights sleep are shown in your daily life. A clean mattress will improve your productivity, creativity and memory.

So if you’ve been looking for a great carpet cleaning service in Dublin 7, or mattress cleaning or sofa cleaning, don’t wait any longer. Get in touch today and make an appointment that will show you what a professional cleaning should really look like! You can get an idea of what we do if you have a look at our Facebook page or Instagram!