carpet cleaning dublin 6
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Carpet cleaning Dublin 6

Your local carpet cleaners in Dublin 6

Are you looking for a professional carpet cleaning service in Dublin 6? We cover Dartry, Ranelagh, Rathmines, Rathgar and Sandford. Our experienced carpet cleaners will follow all the necessary steps to provide a fantastic service. But what are these steps?

First, we inspect the carpet, take note of all the stains and defects, we evaluate the type of fabric and decide on the method of cleaning.

Secondly, we vacuum the carpet thoroughly. Every time a customer asks if they should vacuum the carpet in advance, we say no. We will do that anyway. Why? The answer to this is easy. The domestic vacuum cleaners are not powerful enough to remove all the dirt and dust, hence leaving it in the carpet. So we never skip this step, and that makes a huge difference between us and the cheaper companies that expect the customer to hoover the carpet.

Next, we pre-spray the carpet, let it dwell and agitate if needed. We proceed to the stain removal, paying attention to each and every stain. Our stain removal kit contains dedicated spotters for each type of stain.

After that, we rinse and deodorise the carpet. We will never charge extra for deodorising. That is always included in the quote, as it’s only logical that a customer expects a clean carpet as well as an amazing smell.

Lastly, we apply a protector, if the customer booked this service. We always recommend you add the protector to the service as it will keep the carpet clean for longer. Moreover, it will extend the time between the cleanings.

So our carpet cleaning in Dublin 6 is aiming to exceed all your expectations. Are we the cheapest? Definitely not! Are we the best carpet cleaners in Dublin? Probably yes!

Upholstery cleaning in Dublin 6

Our sofa cleaning service is targeting both domestic and commercial customers. Whether we are cleaning the chairs in a cinema or the armchair that grandma used to sit on, we are doing the same great job. And that’s because, for us, no job is more important than another.

Mattress cleaning in Dublin 6

Not many people know that mattresses should be professionally cleaned at least once every year. In time, mattresses accumulate a lot of dead skin, bacteria, dust mites, body fluids, body oils and more. Sounds gross, doesn’t it? So if you want a healthier sleep, you need to get in touch for a mattress cleaning!

Floor cleaning in Dublin 6

We see a lot of houses with pets or kids, or both! Regular moping cannot remove all the dirt and bacteria off the floor. Generally, we recommend getting the floors professionally cleaned at least twice per year. At Happy Clean, we are trained for cleaning tiles and grout, stone carpet, porcelain tiles, hard floor, linoleum and more.

We pride ourselves to have a 5 star rating on Facebook and Google with over 1000 genuine reviews altogether. The quality of our work is shown in our photos and videos, have a look for yourselves!

If you need our services, don’t hesitate to get in touch. We are very quick to reply and we are always open. Call us or send us an email, send us a pm on Facebook or a message on Instagram. No matter how you choose to contact us, we will reply to you within minutes!