Carpet cleaning Dublin 16

Are you looking for a great carpet cleaning Dublin 16?

Carpet cleaning Dublin 16, If you’re based in Ballinteer, Kilmashogue, Knocklyon, Rockbrook or Whitechurch, we cover all these areas. At Happy Clean, we are professionally trained and insured for dealing with any carpet or furniture. We pride ourselves for being recommended by so many of our customers, as they were delighted with our work.

Carpet cleaning Dublin 16 we work with both residential and commercial customers, and we do our best all the time. We are affordable, not cheap, but we guarantee to amaze you with the outcome! Each one of our customers turns into a regular and never looks for a different company again. And that’s because we value each customer and we try to offer the best experience ever!

Reasons for cleaning your carpet

  • Extend the life of your carpet

If you clean your carpet regularly, you won’t have to change it very often. In a carpet that’s left dirty for too long, the dust will eat into the fibers and wear the carpet. If this happens, the carpet will look old and grubby, even after the cleaning.

  • Better chance of removing the stains

Once a stain or a spill happens, it should be cleaned as soon as. If it stays on the carpet for longer there is a better chance that it will become permanent. Some organic stains, such as blood or urine, should be cleaned straight away.

  • The air quality will improve

Have you noticed how fresh the air is after carpet cleaning? And that’s because all the dust in the carpet will lower the air quality in the room. When the carpet is nice and clean, the air in the room is fresher.

  • Carpet cleaning eliminates bacteria and dust mites

Carpet cleaning Dublin 16, We use the hot water extraction method, which eliminates 99% of the bacteria in the carpet. Also, we use deodorisers and neutralisers to kill dust mites and germs. Having a clean dust free carpet improves your general health and prevents us from getting sick so easily.


Upholstery cleaning Dublin 16

sofa cleaning

When is the last time you got your sofas cleaned? How long have you had them for? When we clean upholstery, we are surprised sometimes when the customers tell us it’s the first cleaning in over 10 years. Experts recommend upholstery cleaning once every year. We wipe the dust off all the surfaces in the room, but the dust goes deep into the sofas and the only way of removing it is to deep clean them. Our technicians are experts for cleaning both fabric and leather suites. So if you need your sofas cleaned in Dublin 16, make sure you get in touch!


Mattress cleaning Dublin 16

mattress cleaning

Did you know that mattresses can and should be cleaned at least once per year? Do you know what’s lurking in your mattress? Dead skin flakes, body fluids, dust mites, bacteria and germs… Probably you want it cleaned now, don’t you? Prices start from €40 and we clean it in your home.


Floor cleaning Dublin 16

floor cleaning tile cleaning

At Happy Clean, we can professionally clean any type of hard floors, from tiles, linoleum to hard wood and marble. So if you need your floors cleaned, make sure you get in touch!


If you’re looking for carpet cleaning in Dublin 16, or if you need us for any other services, we are only one call away! You can message us on Facebook or Instagram or comment on our Youtube channel. We are open 24/7 so someone will reply to you within minutes.


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