carpet cleaning dublin 13
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Carpet cleaning Dublin 13

Affordable carpet cleaning Dublin 13

Carpet cleaning Dublin 13 as one of the most reputable carpet cleaning companies in Dublin 13, we offer an outstanding service to our customers. So if you’re looking for carpet cleaning Dublin 13, we can definitely help! Our agents have the best training, providing a great carpet cleaning Dublin 13 with amazing outcome. We cover Bailey, Baldoyle, Bayside, Donaghmede, Sutton and Howth.

We know that there are many similar companies out there. Some are cheaper some are more expensive. We strongly believe our prices are fair and reflect the quality of our work. Just to give you an example, our price for standard stairs and landing is €60. That includes pre evaluation of the carpet, vacuum clean, spot removal, pre spray, agitation, rinse and deodorise. We only use professional machines and products, dedicated spot removers and deodoriser that neutralises any bad smells. So, we ask you, do you think a man with a van who charges half this price for stairs and landing carpet cleaning, will provide the same quality and value? We know for sure that the answer is NO, and our feedback from customers proves the exact same!

carpet cleaning Dublin
carpet cleaning

Also many people rent DIY machines from different shops, but we assure you those machines are nothing like ours. It’s like comparing a Fiat Punto with a Ferrari. There are various reasons why it’s better to hire a professional company rather than renting a DIY machine and do it yourself. Here’s a few of them, but you can read more about this subject here.

Carpet Cleaning Dublin 13. First, most people don’t have the qualifications necessary for identifying the type of fabric and the chemicals needed. If you use a strong chemical on a wool carpet you can say bye bye to it.

Secondly, the amount of water that goes in the carpet can damage it it it’s a natural one like wool. Some carpets can not even be water cleaned like sisal or jute ones.

Last but not least, if a chemical is not strong enough to remove stains, the only thing that will do is block them in, so they will become permanent. In our chemical kit we have about 15 different stain spotters for different types of stain. Do you think one stain remover can deal with so many types of stains? Definitely not!

So, if you’re looking for a carpet cleaning service that will not leave your carpet soaking wet and smelly, we are the answer.

Rug cleaning Dublin 13

At Happy Clean we are certified for rug cleaning, which means we can deal with all types of rugs including the very fine ones. We clean the rugs in your own home and they are dry in just a few hours. For the oriental rugs and silk rugs, we will need to take the rugs away for cleaning.

Mattress cleaning Dublin 13

Some people spend a small fortune when they buy a mattress. A good quality branded mattress can cost a few thousands euro. So obviously no one wants to change mattress once per year after spending this much money on it. But you should definitely get it cleaned once per year. And that’s because the cleaning will remove the dust mites, allergens, bacteria, body fluids, dead skin and any dirt, which will prolong the like of the mattress.



mattress cleaning dublin 13


mattress cleaning dublin 13

Upholstery cleaning Dublin 13

Our upholstery cleaning service is very popular. All our customers have recommended us to their friends and family after being very happy with the outcome. We’ve had customers with 10 year old suites that had never seen a cleaner and they came up as new. Our customers couldn’t believe the difference! Are you thinking of buying a new suite because you think your one is too dirty to be cleaned? Ask us for a second opinion! We promise to always be honest! We never promise something that we can’t achieve because that’s simply not professional!

Tile cleaning Dublin 13

Are you looking for tile and grout cleaning in Dublin 13? When we start doing a service we want to make sure it’s done right. That’s why we only starting cleaning tiles after trying out different machines and products. And we refused to offer the service until we were 100% happy with the outcome! And now we can finally say we make your tile and grout look like the day you got it!