Carpet cleaning Dublin 10

Professional carpet cleaning Dublin 10

Carpet cleaning Dublin 10, At Happy Clean, we pride ourselves to offer a great service to our customers all over Dublin and surrounding areas. So, if you’re looking for carpet cleaning in Dublin 10, you can trust us to do the job. We are certified in carpet, upholstery and floor cleaning.

Our technicians know exactly what they’re doing and how to do it! We can deal with the most stubborn stains such as nail varnish, urine, food spills, red wine, slime, candle wax, blood and many more!

Why choose us?

  • Professional and reliable carpet cleaning company
  • All our technicians have up to date training
  • Punctual and efficient
  • Hundreds of 5 star review on social media and Google
  • The price quoted is the price you pay! No hidden extras!
  • Best Carpet cleaning Dublin 10

How we do it?

Carpet cleaning Dublin 10, 

Carpet cleaning Dublin 10 our carpet cleaners use the hot water extraction method (HWE) which is the most effective for deep carpet cleaning! For office carpet cleaning maintenance we can use the encapsulation method which is suitable for regular carpet cleaning.

When we get to the job, the technician will inspect the carpet. This will allow him to identify the fibre, acknowledge the stains and possible faults in carpet.

Then, the carpet cleaning agent will pick adequate products for your carpet.

The next step in extremely important and unfortunately many carpet cleaning companies skip it to save time and be able to quote cheaper! When we did our training, we found out that this step makes 80% of the cleaning! Though you may not think of it as being so important, this part is the PROFESSIONAL VACUUMING of the carpet. By vacuuming the carpet with a powerful vacuum cleaner we remove most solid dirt from the carpet. The domestic hoovers don’t have the power to remove all the dirt. So when we come and wet the carpet without vacuuming, that dust turns into mud!!! And that will make the carpet dirtier and harder to clean!

Once the carpet is dust free, we spray the chemical on it and let it dwell. If agitation is necessary, we always do that. Then we rinse and deodorise! We always add deodoriser free of charge as we think it’s only the right thing to do! Everyone expects a nice smelling carpet after the cleaning!

The stain protector is optional and it will cost extra. But we strongly recommend it, as that will keep your carpet clean for longer and extend its life!

So for all Carpet cleaning Dublin 10 , Happy Clean is the answer!

Upholstery cleaning in Dublin 10

sofa cleaning
sofa cleaning

At Happy Clean we don’t only clean carpets! We also clean sofas and we do it at the highest standard! Leather or fabric, we can clean them all! We are not the cheapest sofa cleaning company but our prices reflect the quality of our work! And we only have happy returning customers!

So if you’re looking for a sofa cleaned in Ballyfermot, you can be sure you found the right company!

Mattress cleaning Dublin 10

Not many people know that mattresses can and should be cleaned. Of course there are cheap mattresses that are probably not even worth cleaning, but most mattresses are over €400 and can get even up €3000 so you want to get them cleaned! Our cleaning service will remove the dust mites, allergens, dead skin, body fluids and bacteria in the mattress. We recommend cleaning mattresses once per year!

Tile and grout cleaning Dublin 10

Many of our customers ask us if we can clean the grout, not only the tiles. And the answer is YES! With our equipment and the chemicals we use, the grout is deeply cleaned and you can see its original colour again! The deep cleaning will also remove the dirt in the tile pores, which a regular mop cannot do.

So if you’re looking for carpet cleaning in Dublin 10 or if you need a sofa, mattress or floor cleaner, let us know! You can call us or email us at any time. We are on Facebook, Instagram  and YouTube!


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