What are the benefits of commercial carpet cleaning?

We all know the importance of a clean and welcoming work environment, and that means more than a clean desk. It also includes clean carpets. However, in many businesses, you will find poorly maintained carpets. What most people don’t know is that such floor coverings pose a big health risk to employees. Not to mention that it doesn’t help you and your business make a great impression. If you want a productive workforce, you have to maintain a hygienic workplace. That is because the work environment has a huge impact on your employee’s morale. It is up to you if this impact is a positive or negative one. 

Why choose carpet for your business space?

Why choose carpet for your business space

There are many things to consider when designing your business premises, and your choice of flooring is one of the most important. Commercial spaces should look professional, help keep people focused and increase health and safety. Believe it or not, carpet meets and exceeds each of this standards.

First of all, the variety of colours and patterns available on the market, can help you make your business space more aesthetically pleasing. A light carpet can open up a room, as well as extensive patterns would make it appear more dynamic. Repeating patterns are pleasing to the eye and can be used very effectively to subconsciously guide guests around a space.

Hardwood floors look good to, however in terms of colours there aren’t too many options. While they do lend a space a rustic look, they also make it appear darker and more confined. Not to mention that the price difference is significant. Of all the advantages of commercial carpet, the most obvious one is that this type of flooring is far less expensive than others. Both the material cost itself and the installation are easier on the budget than hard flooring. Plus, carpets that are properly rated for high traffic will maintain their appearance for a long time, without being exposed to hardwood’s risk of warping or becoming uneven.

One of the biggest advantages of commercial carpet is that it absorbs sound. Which means, you won’t hear most of the footsteps, and even if you do, they will be far less noticeable than on other flooring options. Also, sounds won’t reverberate down the hall and throughout every little space. More than sound, carpets absorb pollutants, which are easily removed through cleaning. No other type of flooring helps maintaining a healthy environment like this. Not to mention, that the cleaning process doesn’t involve any harsh chemicals, which might have an impact on your staff and customers. Most of the professional carpet cleaning companies, use green certified detergents and eco-friendly techniques.

Opting for carpet for your commercial space, will create a safer work environment. A fall on hardwood or hard tile can cause extensive injury. A fall on carpet with padding underneath can mitigate some of that injury. In some cases, what would have been a broken bone on a hard floor may just be a bruise on a padded carpet. Plus, the combination of softness and padding, will save a lot of wear and tear on your joints.

In terms of caring for your commercial carpet, is a relatively easy job. Your maintenance staff will be able to clean it swiftly for years without causing it wear. Add to that, a professional deep cleaning every few months, and you will have your carpets looking great for long time.

Benefits of commercial carpet cleaning

Benefits of commercial carpet cleaning

Carpets can have a large impact on the way your facility is perceived. A worn, stained or dirty carpet, will be noticed and will leave a negative impression of your business.

Professional carpet cleaning is essential for maintaining a clean and safe work place, and has more benefits than you could imagine:

  • Great first impression– either a hotel lobby, restaurant, beauty salon or medical centre, first impression is very important. And your flooring is part of it. Clean and fresh carpets will tell your customers you take good care of your business and prove attention to details. This will help you built trust within your clients.
  • Improved productivity– dirty carpets are not particularly motivating. Actually, working in a dirty environment, is a morale killer. Messy or unhygienic workplaces may cause stress, anxiety and other mental health issues. On the other hand, a clean, well-organized, safe, and healthy environment boosts employee productivity. Stuff members will approach the tasks with clearer heads and good energy in a space that makes them feel safe.
  • Better indoor air quality– carpets have the nasty tendency to trap dirt, dust, allergens, and other debris within the fibres. While regular hoovering is a good practice, in the long run it won’t do much. You need a professional carpet cleaning company, which uses the hot water extraction method, to effectively remove the built up of dirt from deep within. This method will leave your carpets clean and sanitized, improving indoor air quality.
  • Fewer sick days– community-spread viruses, and the poor indoor air quality caused by things like mould, result in a considerable number of employee sick days each year. Adequate commercial cleaning is the key to cutting down the number of days your staff are stuck at home instead of at work.
  • Protect your investment– while this type of flooring is relatively cheaper than others, that doesn’t mean changing it regularly is affordable. More than that, you want your carpets to last as long as possible. You can easily prolong its life span, having them professionally cleaned every few months. This will efficiently remove the built up of dirt that was the main cause for splits and tears.
  • Expert stain removal– stains are a fact of life, especially in a work place, no matter how hard you try to avoid it. Don’t despair if your office carpet is a mess. A thorough professional cleaning can go a long way towards reviving it and experienced cleaning technicians have the right products and methods to handle all kind of stains.
  •  Save money– most of the benefits highlighted above, will also save you money. Professionally cleaning your carpets will extend their life span, which means you don’t need to replace your flooring too often. Then, the removal of dust and allergens will create a healthier work environment. That means less sick absences and increased productivity. More than that, a professional company will take the headache of training staff and buying cleaning supplies yourself.
  • Customised packages– most of carpet cleaning companies will evaluate your needs and offer bespoke and personalized services. From specific cleaning time frames, to combo deals and special offers, experts will always do their best to accommodate your requirements.

How to maintain your commercial carpet?

How to maintain your commercial carpet

Keeping your commercial carpets clean might seem a never- ending chore, however it’s definitely worth the effort. Not only because both employees and clients are sure to notice when carpet becomes frayed or stained, but also because clean flooring keeps allergies and illnesses down. Unfortunately, commercial carpeting is susceptible to accumulating large amounts of dirt in a short time simply because of the high amount of traffic. Don’t worry, there are still few tips and tricks that you could use to maintain your flooring’s good look.

  • Keep outdoors areas clean– the cleanliness of the exterior of the building makes a big difference in how much dirt gets tracked indoors. Spray down parking lots frequently, and have the maintenance crew keep sidewalks and entrances free of debris. To avoid mud, direct water runoff away from the building.
  • Entry mats– the best way to protect your floors, is to prevent soil from entering the building. How can you do that? Use an entry mat. This will prevent the dust and dirt from being tracked beyond the entrance into to your carpets. Not to mention that an entry mat is far more easy and cheap to replace, than the actual commercial carpet. Visitors should be able to walk 8 to 10 steps before reaching your carpeted floor. This means around 15 feet of matting outside, and an additional 15 feet inside the building. Proper entry matting will remove and contain 95% of soils from guest’s shoes.
  • Vacuum regularly– the frequency of the vacuuming that occurs in your building depends upon the traffic flow as well as the activities that take place inside. For instance, you may need the cleaning team to vacuum every day in a child care centre or restaurant, while a small office may only need a weekly vacuum.  Don’t forget to regularly clean the entry mats, as well as the rest of the carpet. Mats which have too much dirt build-up are not effective at removing additional dirt from guest’s shoes, and allow the soil to be tracked beyond the entrance of your facility. 
  • Routine spot and spill removal– if you want to maintain the life and appearance of your facility’s carpet, it is critical to identify and remove spills and spots as soon as possible. Spots that are not remove in a timely manner will result in a permanent carpet stain, which will require professional cleaning.

The first step in removing a carpet stain is identifying the type of soil that caused it. For most common stains, such as a coffee or soda spill, use the blotting method. With a clean, dry cloth, try to blot up as much of the spill as possible. Then, use an appropriate cleaning solution to remove the rest of the stain. Always use a solution that is recommended for that specific carpet type.

  • Use desk and chair mats– plastic mats are great for preventing heavy furniture marks from marring the fibres, and they also serve as a barrier for stains. You could also use them for the areas where the staff is eating/ drinking.
  • Regular deep cleaning– having your carpet professionally cleaned will definitely make a difference. For the best results, opt for a company that uses the water extraction method. This method is far superior to others, because reaches deep inside your carpets, removing all the trapped dust and dirt. Depending on the traffic, this procedure needs to be performed at least once per year.