5 most common stains on carpet

Stains on carpet don’t just look bad, but they can gradually detract from the overall atmosphere and appearance of your home. Moreover they can even damage your home value.

It’s essential to maintain your home’s carpet with regular upkeep such as vacuuming. Also, biannual professional carpet cleaning conducted by a professional carpet cleaning company to remove dirt and stains is essential.

But what can you do to prevent stains setting and treat some of the most common stains in an emergency while they’re still ‘fresh’?

Here we take a look at 5 of the most common carpet stains and what you can do to save your carpets and maintain their beauty.

Wine Stains

Drinks like juice, fizzy drinks or milk are easily spilled in the home, but nothing stains like red wine. If you have a spill with wine or another staining liquid, the most important thing to do is blot up as much of the excess that you can as soon as possible. Be careful not to scrub. Use a clean, white cloth and a 1:1 solution of water and white vinegar to gently blot and clean away the stain. Contact your local carpet cleaner as soon as possible for professional stain removal service if there is any stain left.

Coffee Stains

Many of us enjoy a cup of coffee at least once a day, but coffee spills are another frequent carpet stain. Use the same method as above for treating liquid spills and removing fresh stains. Do not use bleach as this can cause permanent damage to carpet and require carpet patching or carpet dyeing to repair.

Blood Stains

Blood stains are the last thing you want on your carpet. You must treat the stains as quickly as possible too. Use one cup of cold water (not warm or hot water as this coagulates blood and sets it) mixed with ¼ tsp of a grease-fighting gentle detergent like fairy to help gently remove the carpet stains.

Ink Stains

Ink stains can destroy your carpet and upholstery, and great care needs to be taken when treating these stains to prevent them spreading and worsening. They can be very hard to remove, so the best idea would be to blot up excess ink very carefully using a clean dry cloth, then contact your local carpet cleaner to help you remove the stain safely.

Pet Stains

We love our pets, but we may not always love what they do to our carpets. Pets can leave behind urine, vomit or worse on our carpets, not only staining them but leaving distinctive and unpleasant pet odors as well. For the best stain and pet odour removal, clean up messes as soon as possible, carefully removing debris, and blotting up excess fluid. Then work on removing the pet stains and pet odors by blotting with a vinegar solution and cloth for liquid stains.

If you still have stubborn stains and odors, get a professional carpet cleaning company to come and take a look at your carpet and provide expert carpet stain removal.

And remember! We are available 24/7 so if an accident happens you can call us at any time and we will send someone to look after your carpet and furniture.

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